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[Windows] Game won’t start up after loading! (1.8)



For some reason my KSP isn’t starting up after the loading screen is complete. It just stops working. Sometimes a dialogue pops up that says something about Unity but other than that I don’t know what’s wrong! The issue started after I tried to add a vessel I had made 4 years ago into a save file. Now it won’t start, even after I deleted the vessel, and then removed the save I put it in. What should I do?

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6 hours ago, Lundmunchkins said:

What should I do?

Uhh, start by reading this and posting the info it suggests?

"says something about Unity" doesn't tell us anything at all, we need to see the full message or a  screenshot of the window. Logs too, without data there is only guesswork.

A quick search based on the screenshot (CrashHandler dialog?) posted here (please link to such posts if it looks like the same problem as yours, it saves much time), gets some hits, such as:
That one was caused by citrix messing with the display drivers and confusing Unity, but there are other applications that can screw with KSP, such as:


Evolve game tracker

Overclocking utilities and overlays that utilise RivaTuner Statistics Server.

Some virtual network adapters used by VPNs etc.

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29 minutes ago, Lundmunchkins said:

Completely deleted Steam itself and redownloaded it, however that didn’t work. I uninstalled both DLC’s and installed them one by one instead of both. Now it works... sometimes.

Okay, I will try, thanks

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Hi, I had the same problem twice, my game was stuked in the loading and then crashes. I fixed in another way and would like to share for the people who had the same problem.


What I did to fix:

- go to folder saves in the KSP file (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/saves/*Last Save Name*)

- delete the 2 files called persistent one with extension .sfs and anothe .loadmeta in this folder

- you are ready to go.


If didn't work, then to this:

- Steam workshop and unsubcribed all things (ships and mods) off ksp.
- Unistall the game.
- After unistalling the game I did DELETE all the Kerbal Space Program in the local files on Steam directory.
- Intall the game and run.

Let me know if I could help who had the same problem and didn't want to delete Steam...


PS: Sorry for my English. I'm learning :)

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I had another way to fix
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