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[moved to release]Less Real Then Real(ism) - RP-1 with less 'R'

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LRTR is a less real than real(ism) mod for Kerbal Space Program to allow you to to play a Real Solar System RP-1 game without Realism Overhaul.

At it's core it is a modified version of RP-1 plus a resizing mod to make parts something close to realistic in size, mass, and performance.  

It is intended to be as light weight as possible and to be more 'Kerbal' than the full RO/RP-1.  

It's early in development and has only been tested on KSP 1.6.1 and 1.7.3. (1.8 will need to wait for Kopernicus).

The resizing mod is a complete refactor of the Realism Overhaul ROMini.cfg file that's been cleaned up and modernized.

RP-1 has been simplified a little and the contracts have been modified to make them a little bit simpler and a little bit more 'Kerbal'.  

It's already playable as is and should also work with SMURFF instead of the built in resize mod (although this hasn't been tested for game balance).

CREDITS:  This is basically a derivative work.  The core functionality is from the RP-0 devs (https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0), much of the KerbalsimConfig file comes from Standecco et. al ( https://github.com/Standecco/ROKerbalism).  All the bugs however are entirely my fault.

Download for v0.2 here:
Adds some parts mod supports and plays with the tech tree some more.

Code found here:

Minimum Install:
LRTR and DMagicScienceAnimate folders above
Module Manager
Real Solar System
Contract Configurator
Custom Barn Kit - RO build (not rated for 1.7.3 but seems to work fine)
Restock/Restock+ (needed for some mission critical parts)

Suggested Mods:
Kerbal Construction Time
Kerbalism using included KerbalismConfig folder

 Punch list includes:
-Continue to rebalance tech tree.  It uses the custom RP-1 tech tree which doesn't match the canonical formats.  It's mostly balanced up to first manned flight but after that... who knows.
-Add more RP-1 features to various parts.
-Add life support mods, probably Kerbalism first [done!] ,  maybe Snacks! just to keep a simple option available.
-Test with Breaking Ground
 [10/25/19 Turns out the robotic parts glitch in the VAB when resized.  It applies it's resize to all it's children, making them re-resized.  It's normal once you leave the VAB, but makes building things impossible.]
-Add code to 'gracefully' add stockalike parts to the tech tree somewhere useful (currently they just get ignored).  [Done!  parts should wind up *somehwhere* in the tech tree, although it may not be the best place]
-Test and properly add parts mods as time and interest allows.
-Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes, and probably bug fixes.  Also bug fixes.

Since this is intended to be as simple and 'Kerbal' as possible, I probably won't be testing things like Real Fuel or procedural parts mods.  I'm not sure how TweakScale will work with the built in resizer but in theory you can use SMURFF instead, which seems to play nice with it already.

Comments, suggesting, etc are of course welcome and encouraged.


-- There's now a KerbalismConfig file for LRTR on the github page.  It's a mix of stock Kerbalism and the ROKerbalism config.
-- LRTR now attempts to place non-configured parts somewhere in the tech tree.
-- Some adjustments to the parts in the tech tree.  I expect more as I playtest.

-- Added partial support for Bluedog Design Bureau in resizer (not fully tested, some known bugs), mostly to 'stress test' the resizer.
-- Refactored all the RP-0 code, removed Avionics and Tooling parts
-- Lots of small changes to resizer and contracts

-- Finished support for Bluedog DB, added support for Completely Non-aggressive Rocketry V2.
-- Updated KerbalismConfig to 3.1



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In case anyone is interested, I've released the first beta version.  It's more or less feature complete for the core game and has a small amount of support for parts mods.  Future changes will be restricted to tech tree changes and adding support for part mods.  This shouldn't break existing games.  Breaking Ground is only partially supported right now.  There's a game bug for robotic parts which means they can't be resized.

Anyway, here you go:


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1 hour ago, KerbalKore said:

All I’m waiting for is BDB support now. Awesome!

Thanks!  It's got bare bones support, but none of it has been fully tested.  Most of the parts seem to resize correctly (I haven't tested all of them) and the tanks have believable, if not historically accurate mass/fuel numbers for the various fuels.  The engines and tanks use a custom upgrade/variant module for variants but it seems to work.  One issue this mod has is with tech tree parts placement. LRTR uses the the custom RP-1 tech tree so every single part needs to be manually moved to a tech node and well... there are a lot of them.  I've scripted it so they wind up somewhere reasonable, but they really need to be placed with more care.

If you get bored, load it up and see what happens.  It *might* work.  This is definitely still a work in progress and any feedback would be helpful, especially for mods I don't normally use.

[EDIT]  It looks like RP-1 has already sorted into the tech tree.  I'll use their data to place the parts and see what happens...  If it works I'll add it to the next version.

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