Missing parts from Making History

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Can the 1.8.1 include (non exhaustive):

- inline 1.8 batteries
- structural adapters (1.2 to 1.8 and 1.8 to 2.5)
- 1.8 service bay (service modules are.... meh....)
- 1.8 engine plate.

I really think this shouldn't take to much time from squad (parts already exist, just not in these sizes) and it's really frustrating to not have them...

(I know about MissingHistory mod, but I think it adds more parts than needed, plus these up there should be stock IMHO)

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Perhaps a more glaring omission- a 1.875m inline reaction wheel! An inline battery would also be helpful, but as for adapters- just use the fuel tanks and don't fill them with fuel if you really want a purely structural part. Why you'd want that when you can fill them with fuel is a mystery to me, more fuel is always better and the lack of a 0.625m to 1.25m fuel tank adapter is mildly annoying.

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