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Since 1.0, What's Been Your Favorite Update So Far?


Since 1.0, What's Been Your Favorite Update So Far?  

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  1. 1. What's Been Your Favorite Major Update Since 1.0?

    • KSP 1.1 (Turbo Charged) (4/19/2016)
    • KSP 1.2 (Loud & Clear) (10/11/2016)
    • KSP 1.3 (Away with Words) (5/25/2017)
    • KSP 1.4 (Away with Words MK-II) (3/6/2018)
    • KSP 1.5 (Dressed For Success) (10/15/2018)
    • KSP 1.6 (To Vee or not To Vee) (12/19/2018)
    • KSP 1.7 (Room to Maneuver) (4/10/2019)
    • KSP 1.8 (Moar Boosters!!!) (10/16/2019)

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So, i'm wondering what your favorite update since 1.0 has been so far? Mine is probably KSP 1.7, since it made doing precise maneuvers a lot easier and also added an altitude toggle function that allowed you to switch between ground level and sea level which made landing easier. I can't wait to see what update was your favorite!

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From what I can tell, you're not asking which version is our favorite, but what update brought the best stuff. With that in mind, I find it hard for anybody* to say 1.3 had their favorite additions.

Probably a quick rundown of the super-major points of each is in order.

1.1 - No major features, Unity 5
1.2 - Commnet, Kerbnet, Fuel flow overhaul
1.3 - Localization
1.4 - Texture variants, EVA chutes
1.5 - Improved burn time, New suits
1.6 - dV
1.7 - Orbital info and maneuver node UI
1.8 - Big Unity update, Planet graphical improvements, Action group editing in flight.

So which of these is the biggest deal to me? dV's HUGE, as is the orbital info and maneuver node UI. Each of those totally eliminated my personal need for mods that I considered "may as well be stock". I can't though imagine the game without Commnet, and the ability to use texture variants is a great visual plus. I've not played 1.8 enough to really get a feel for the new textures.

If I had to answer, though, I'd say 1.6 has the best thing. dV in-game is a sea change.

* At least, anybody who speaks English as their primary language. I can imagine if my favorite game that I had to learn the words for was suddenly in my language that could be a HUGE boon.

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For me, it'll have to be one of 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8. For the exact reasons @5thHorseman mentioned. These three had the updates I personally care most about.

I've been playing mostly stock KSP over the past year, for reasons I'm technically not supposed to say, and it's really surprising how well that works nowadays. I mean, mods still improve it a whole lot in addition, but we're long past the stage where abstaining from mods made you feel awkward. And those last three updates, those are the major culprits of that progress.

So is KSP dying? Hah! From my point of view, ongoing KSP development is doing better these days than ever before. :) 

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1.3 I would say.
I'm always priorising performance over new features, and 1.3 was pretty good.

Before that only 0.24.2 had the "wow" moment.
Current 1.7 version isn't bad either tho, but nothing like the aforementioned two.
The only feature I'd sacrifice a bit of performance for would be stock implementation of OPM.

1.8 looks very good tho.  Going to make another roving expedition on Mün / Duna very interesting again.

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Experience wise I'd say 1.3.1. A lot more stability compared to previous versions (apart from 1.3), great mod-support, and ignoring a few bugs and glitches a nicely polished and very solid version. It gave me a sigh of relief not having to reboot KSP every hour or so due to game-crashes...

Stock-game wise 1.8.0. Even more polished, performance went up since 1.7, stability is very good, nice clean visuals, and features where I needed my sacred KER for the most are now integrated in the base game. I enjoy playing 1.8 as much as 1.3.1, without the need for mods...

Which is offcourse not true, after playing through my current carreer I'll probably start a modded version again to 're-re-spice' the experience...does KSP ever end? :P

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I'll be honest, I'm not actually sure what the difference are, and looking at 5thHorsemans post I'm not entirely convinced I'd see much difference.  I've been using RemoteTech and KER for years so haven't really noticed changes in the commnet or dV displays.  I did try out an EVA parachute for the hell of it but only the once.  In my current game I'm starting to use some of the robotic parts from the Breaking Ground DLC (probably out of scope of you're question anyway), but had previously done similar stuff with Firespitter anyway.

There was one release that got wheels and landing gear working a lot better than previous versions which was something I noticed, but I can't remember which version that was.  I'm on 1.7 at the moment but I can see being able to edit action groups in 1.8 could be useful.

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1.8 is a pretty good update IMO, but i think there is one update not included that should be: 1.0.5. While it wasn't a 1.X update, it still was very major (and was after 1.0). 1.0.5 was the update that added the different sized jet parts, overhauled quite a number of part models, added proper buoyancy physics, and overall added a lot of QOL improvements.

But yea, it was technically a 1.0 patch so i would say 1.8 is the best other than that. As an English speaker the localization patches didn't bring much in my opinion, and as an almost exclusively sandbox player the comm-net didn't do much either. The maneuver and delta V stuff is really good QOL, but if i needed it in the past I would have just installed KER. The performance of 1.8 combined with the new SRBs are pretty nice in my opinion. 

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  • 2 months later...

"To Vee or not to Vee"

I played thousands of hours without a dV calculator and pretty much got the point where I didn't need it anymore unless I was doing something that I wasn't very familiar with. Yes, I could have gotten a mod to add that in, but my philosophy was "If Squad doesn't think I need it, then I don't need it!".

When dV was added, gave me the ability to try new things without having to "test" it first to make sure I could pull off the burns that the mission required.

 Thank you Squad!!

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Definitely version 1.2. 
Not only was it the first major update that came out after I started playing (right after 1.1 was released), it also brought a bunch of features that changed the game forever. 
  Firstly, there’s the text changes. While a small feature, this update made the text considerably better looking and easier to read, which I quite enjoyed. 
  Also, the addition of probe telemetry added a little bit of realism to the game, and meant you couldn’t just fling a tiny probe to the outer systems on a booster, you first had to unlock better antennas, meaning progression became much more regular and logical. 

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