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Will there be more updates?

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As well as playing the regular game, I am involved with kids and the edu version. Can anyone in the know (Squad folk on the forum, Teacher Gaming folk if there are any) tell me if there are plans to update the base EDU game in light of all the updates to regular KSP?

What is the future of edu?  Does that future include an edu version of KSP2 down the line?

It would also be great to have DLC support.



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@MarkZero I also would value the 'yearly' TG KerbalEDU update :-) 

In my case, I would greatly appreciate an update  to 1.7.3  since 1.8 has changed so many things that will affect mods for awhile...consequently I assess that 1.7.3 would be a good version milestone to have in the KerbalEDU release history.

Down the road. once SQUAD makes things more bug free & finalized I do see a big benefit to a KerbalEDU >1.8+ 

Also, I have found useful the 'lat/lon' crosstaff linked to its .csv 'flight logger' of mod Kerballoons Re-inflated  that KerbalEDU may want to consider creating & adding to its science parts tool kit & have recognized/selectable for plotting in the EDU graphical flight recorder just like is currently done for the T & Pressure sensors.

On 9/7/2018 at 11:30 PM, Fengist said:

Cross Staff : Longitude and Latitude


On 11/1/2019 at 1:18 AM, Klapaucius said:

As well as playing the regular game, I am involved with kids and the edu version.....<sinp>...great to have DLC support

Given my experience tinkering with Making History DLC in KerbalEDU 1.4.5...I suggest that TeacherGaming at least take a moment to suggest the following possibility to PD or SQUAD:

in my business experience, it  should be relatively 'cheap' relative to the potential benefit for one of their business counsels to assess what it would take to structure a way for the 'franchise' to get a 'BIG write off'

via financial structures such as  'donation or sponsorship' of the DLCs to all the EDU institutions in TeacherGaming's KerbalEDU database...

for example,...maybe they will make enough revenue for a potential profit from KSP2 such it would be worth their while to consider such a  tax perk for one of the upcoming 'tax years' (i.e 2020 or 2021...)

Thanks & Kind regards!

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