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Ok, I cant take this anymore, I wanted to build a shuttle, with mostly stock parts, but there is no Glass in the game, resulting in: I can not build this!

Thats Why I wrote this, there arleady is a mod for it, but its Dead ;.;, And Glass panels are easy to make! Just grab a normal metallic Panel and make its transparency or the like 0.5, alteast more or less. I want a mod for this, but please it should get updated, Or more better, Stock Glass Panes! :D That would be good for a lot of players, including me. Thats it, I just had to say this, Share your opinions with me. -JordanLOL (a Space nerd)

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Ok so, I mean glass you can place and look trough, I tried to build a Space Shuttle as I told,

On 11/7/2019 at 10:29 PM, TheKSPBeginner said:

All the pods in game have built-in windows.

I uhhh... didnt really mean that...

But I'd like to see it in Stock, Cause I dont wanna see another Glass mod in the deep and far space being lost and abandoned.


But a Mod would be good aswell! Lets keep this conversation running, maybe we will get seen by a Dev or mod scripter


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On 11/9/2019 at 11:08 AM, Xurkitree said:

Glass is heavy. 

Doesn't make sense to carry all the weight :P

You could be right but.. Ehhhhh, More engines and more fuel could be the end of your saying, Plus You dont have to add them.

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On 11/28/2019 at 3:26 PM, UltimateFlash15 said:

I could make a mod for it, but it would just be glass parts you'd have to rescale with TweakScale. Also, if you want them to be transparent then you'd have quite a few weird parts where there are spots more opaque then others due to the glass overlapping

I have only used one thing to ever program, which was Roblox studio. But, Yeah I'd like such a mod.

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On 1/11/2020 at 2:50 PM, JordanLOL said:

Well, I've talked about a "dead" mod, its exactly this one.

I have downloaded this mod and it works well, the panels aren't that transparent but it is easy to fix you just need to adjust the opacity of the texture and it's done.


Here is the link for the adjustments i did to the textures:


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Id like to see something useeable in stock for that since i often make interiors to my stuff (specifically stations and non-combat vessels like command ships and the rare exploratory ship), and while you can make sorta ok looking windows with proper use of girders as windows, it would be nice to have a dedicated part for that. 


Its not perfect, but the best way i know of to do windows (albeit they weigh a ton since structural crap is heavy) is the above, that or use the restock mod (which actually makes the game truly pretty from a ship perspective) and pick the truss option for the 1x1 and 2x2 panels which also create something vaguely window wise.  But yeah, im 100% onboard with dedicated windows (at least as long as we dont get different IVA options since im not that big a fan of the stock cockpits with the exception of the new rover cockpit, about the ONLY one that resembles a sci-fi warship bridge).  Still, given that the game is mostly on life support, i have my doubts as to any new non feature parts.  Good example is the new fuel dump part which is neat and very much necessary, but it serves a completely new function and isnt an expansion of other parts like purely structural or fuselages or fuel tanks ect.  Guess ill have to (like everyone else who wants more parts in game), rely on mods and or stock part tweaking to achieve stuff like windows.

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