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KerbalEDU Screen Resolution Bug

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I'm using KerbalEDU 1.4, but it has an extremely annoying bug that changes the screen resolution to a setting which is much to small for me to be able to read properly.  Does anyone know if there's a way to stop this?


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7 hours ago, The Flying Kerbal said:

changes the screen resolution

For the past year KerbalEDU1.4.5 has behaved like regular KSP for me (in other words, it sticks to the screen resolution & other settings I tell it to use via the usual KSP Settings screens after the 1st launch...

it does make the screen small...something like 720p...just like normal KSP does at 1st launch...note however I only have experience running it in windows 10 & I have it launched directly from the KSP_x64.exe (& not via TG app since I have old habits/practices from the pre-TGdesk days) & usually via shortcuts that include unity flags like -popupwindow and/or -forced3d11

If you share more specifics such as the OS you are running it on, how you are launching it, & ideally some screenshots of the settings & the odd behavior then I or someone else might be able to offer more specific suggestions.

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