Apollo 12: The Next Step after the Giant Leap

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Actually I am also doing this challenge:

- I am using real solar system and some mods to make it more realistic and also with Life Support.

and I am also trying to do it with my KOS old code, I mean 1year-old, from when I was doing all missions automatically with user menus.

(need to review the code and test all steps again until splash down)


- The My Apollo11-v3 have 2 computers one in CMS and another in Lunar Module, the code is the same, but the code when restart understand like a state machine where it is and what need to be done.

I have 2900t and should have 2800, but besides that all seams to be operational, this diff. is due fuel used in real mission and here on KSP.


I think that can be converted easily in to a Apollo12 Challenge!


Some photos of the current work in progress:






This version of the rocket have more delta-v that the real one, but I am still tweaking it.




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Posted (edited)

I have done all mission in a Apollo11/12 style once this mission is Big, I had to make a few videos/parts of 10GB each...

Instead of using KOS to I tried to use flight manually most of the the time (to re-create Apollo12 problem with computers) I just used a little help from MechJeb.

I have done dozens of simulations with my ships to Kerbin/Mun or Earth/Moon, but doing it with Saturn V, it's much harder, once the vehicle was constructed in the verge of limit to make that happen in terms of technology available at that time.

I am now preparing the videos/upload to youtube.

Was done with Earth / Moon ( Using Real Solar System ):


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Posted (edited)

From Earth to Moon (Using Real Solar System Mod) using TACL Life Support.

  • Stage I DeltaV: 4289m/s (Low Earth Orbit) (Atmospheric: 3810m/s)
  • Stage II DeltaV: 5783m/s (Earth Orbit) (Atmospheric: 3863m/s)
  • Stage III DeltaV: 6191m/s (Translunar injection)
  • SM:  DeltaV: 2544m/s (SLM: 1800m/s)
  • LM: Stage I DeltaV: 2917m/s (Descend)
  • LM: Stage II DeltaV: 1874m/s (Ascend)

Some useful reference/magic numbers:

  • Moon Orbit PE: 114km (Ideal to do the LM landing + Ideal to do a cheaper re-orbit)
  • Earth Orbit for re-entry PE: 45km (to avoid a: miss re-entry)





What do you think?


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Another version now with Sound/Redone with some GuideLines and Notes:



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