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Realplume kills my engine sound. Need help.

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Hey all,

After 3 hours today I must say I want to give up.  I finally managed to make RealPlume work with one of my parts and I have the nice effects now (YAY!)  but then the sound is gone.
I've looked on forums, on other parts and config files, but for the love of whatever, I cannot make the sound work.

From what I've gathered, the RealPlume config file must hijack the sound configuration from the parts file.
Which means (if I am right) that there's some code to add into the RealPlume config file for the sound to play again.
To note that the sound plays well when I do not have RealPlume installed... So the file is there in it's proper folder.

Can anyone give me a file example of what I need to add into the .cfg to make sound play?
 - so far I have : The part file, the visual effect cfg file (with a lot of lines, the one actually creating the visual effects) and the RealPlume "master" config file (the small one)
Thanks for any help.



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