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Share your epic missions and adventures.


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Hello everyone. In this thread i'd like you to share missions you have completed, failed and also current ones. I've always been interested in knowing what type of missions other players did.

I hope everyone finds new inspirations thanks to this thread, i personally need some.

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Good details ! I finished my interplanetary mission 2 hours ago: Went to mun and made a perfect oribt, afterwards i landed near an abbandoned rocket i had there, took off again, went to minimus and landed. After taking off from minimus i decided to leave the orbit and get into the sun's orbit. After a 250 days mission my kerbanauts went back to kerbin. Surprisingly the landing on kerbin went well: with 8 parachutes around the fuel tank my rocket survived at stage 3 !

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I decided to take my current lander design, (Ripper 04), on a test run to see how it would handle interplanetary missions, which it did like a charm, and was able to take it around the Sun, land back at Kerbin, take-off again, orbit the mun, touch down on Minmus for a moment, and then land back at KSC within the big circle around the launchpad.

On another mission to test my lander design I was able to take it to the Mun, then precision land by a Rover on Minmus, back to the Mun by two other landers (which is pictured), and then back to Minmus, only to land within 60km of KSC.


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Good sir, that is an awesome few missions you have done. Very cool.

I'm just leaving this everywhere I can in hopes that one day it may go viral. bahahaha, odds of that happening? 1:19043720387602876305^3 Also in my signature is an Apollo 11 video I made.

I am currently constructing a space station the exact way thanks to you. Sadly I forgot rcs on my second module and had to abort. There's next time, right? :)P
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I am currently constructing a space station the exact way thanks to you. Sadly I forgot rcs on my second module and had to abort. There's next time, right? :)P

Glad to have been inspiration for once! :D If your engines gimbal, then you could put them on very low power and use that to maneuver. It makes it more difficult but the end product is more rewarding. I didn't think to add RCS on my actual rocket until the 3rd or 4th launch, I only used what I had on the module I was putting up.

Also, I wish I had seen your memorial plaques when I made my memorial video. Those are nice.

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I ran a neat interplanetary training mission today. All stock, no Mechjeb, and only burning engines at 100%. I achieved a circular orbit around Kerbol at an altitude of about 6,472,000 km (for reference, Kerbin's SMA is about 13,600,000km). I picked 6,742,000 because the orbital period is 1/3 of Kerbin's, which seemed like a nice number, and the radius was about half where I launched from.

The launch, and escaping Kerbin all went to plan. There was a slight glitch in the mission when I realized my two radial-mounted RCS tanks weren't draining at the same time, throwing off the center of gravity. I had to purposefully drain them both to even things out, leaving me with just a single tank in the center for the rest of the trip (it came in quite handy later).

Once I got in my target circular orbit and ran some numbers, it looked like I might be a few hundred delta-v short for a successful return, but I decided to give it a show anyways. I burned to raise my Ap back to Kerbin's altitude, and got an intercept right where I thought it should be*. My Kerbin Pe was 65,000 km due to some inclination in the orbital plane, but everything else was right on. Once I got in Kerbin's SOI, I started burning to circularize. Once I started lowering the opposite end of my orbit towards home, my engines cut off.

I had run out of fuel with something along the lines of a 65,000 by 50,000 near-polar orbit around Kerbin. Luckily, I had that one full tank of RCS fuel left. Using just RCS, I dropped my Pe down to about 40k (nicely inside the atmosphere) and aerobraked the rest of the way down. By the time I was suborbital, I had no fuel and about 1/4 of a single RCS tank left. Cutting it close, but managed a safe splashdown with a MET of just over 100 days.

I just wish I had taken some pictures, but I did leave a set of empty tanks orbiting Kerbol below 7 billion meters, so there's something to remember the mission by. Attached is a pic of the ship that I was flying.

*With a little bit of trigonometry, you can figure out exactly when to burn to get home. To go from a 6,472,000 km circular orbit back to Kerbin, start burning prograde when the purple KSC marker is around 4 degrees below the horizon on your attitude indicator. In the map view, Kerbin should be about 65 degrees ahead of you in the orbital plane, or about 115 degrees behind where you plan to intercept it.

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I'd already posted this as a separate thread, so hope you don't mind me positing it in here too.

Mission: Go Clubbing.


I built a night-club on the launch pad using the aviation lights pack and made a vid.


Main Mission:

The reaction was "get that to Mun". This not only required "rocketizing" a structure that had no previous intention of leaving the ground, let alone being flown to Mun but also getting 15 of Kerbals out to the club in another rocket. The problem of having 15 Kerbals in one rocket is really about how to get them all to board without spending hours derping about on long ladders.

I approached this problem with as much insanity as I could muster and came up with a ship that had 3 crew tanks right at the bottom and all its main engines facing straight up in the air. It launches on boosters to ~300m and then flips, falling almost back to the ground before the main engines kick in.

The whole mission was to fly the club and the "shuttle" out to Mun and have a party on Mun!! I made a vid of the mission, then I found some awesome DnB/DubStep and re-made the vid to fit the music! So here is the more musically synchronised mission;

The "shuttle" on the launch pad ,the main engine and large boosters all pointing straight up.


This is the "club" just after launch;


Club just landed


Dancing to MunStep


All but one passed out below the club


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North pole mission-

I decided to create an aircraft that could bring me to the northpole without using a suborbit.

During the first attempt i didnt have enough fuel to reach it, so i just went back to KSC. I decided to add some new features, many fuel tanks to be precise, and of course i had to change some of the aerodynamics.

Afterwards i took off with the new plane, the whole flight went perfectly and i arrived to the north pole in 25 minutes. Once there i started an extremly long and slow landing , since it was acutally my first attempt with a spaceplane, anyway it was succesfull.

The plane had just one fuel tank left. So i decided to do a rescue mission : i used the same spaceplane design but this time i changed the engines so that it could go to the north pole suborbiting.

I got there at the first attempt fortunately, but once i went in EVA the spaceplane started running away...

Main mission pic :


Rescue mission :


At the center you can see the pilot running after the plane

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That nightclub is totally epic.

Were you landing that behemoth of the crew bus on the Mün by hand? How were you manoeuvering it so smoothly? I have terrible trouble landing on the Mün, cancelling out the residual lateral velocity, and have never dared try a targeted landing yet...

I'm also interested to see you using the nostril engines. I always thought they were too weak and heavy to be useful.

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I did a series of orbital rendevous missions around Kerbin. The RemoteTech mod has a part which allows a ship to act as a command post for remote control, but you need to have a crew of 5. So, I launched a space station into orbit with 2 empty Mk 2 pods, and did 3 rendevous flights to fill it.

After derping around for a bit and trying to dock with the thing on a fourth flight using landing legs, I built a 'lifeboat' and sent it up to empty the station out.

Doing rendezvous missions without MechJeb is now my favorite thing to do in the game!

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I have three.

First was a multi-ship rescue mission on the Mun. One Kerbal was deliberately stranded, and I sent a rescue mission. It crashed, and suddenly I had 3 stranded Kerbals. The next mission took two of them back (now I know that you can get 14 kilometers on the Mun with the EVA pack). I sent another lander to get the last one, and I landed so close that the distance marker disappeared. This was my first rescue.

My second mission started with a stranded Kerbal on Minmus. My rescue mission was fine until I realized that I still had 3 in the lander. I EVA'd 1 and put him in orbit before returning. The second rocket never landed since it did a rendezvous.

My third one was amazing, since so little went wrong. My lander with a rover worked the first time it launched. The two things I learned are that SRBs are really good at killing your speed, and also that, when using directional RCS thrusters, make sure that they point the right way.

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