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Screwing around with an old version count install i found with a bunch of old mods i made, how can i get ahold of the old parttools and correct unity version?

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basically yesterday i found my old development ksp install from the height of my mod making days... 1.0.4...... in it are all my favorites from before unity 5 ruined my day and made wheels too hard for me (back then) i have nearly all the mods i would install these days tbh, tweekscale, BDA, the good ole kerbal foundries but what id really like to do is try and load up my kerbal cities mod back in 1.0.4. im trying to just reimport the current gen model.mu's with original but modified configs to little avail (we talking over 12gb of ram usage over-here, doesn't crash but not spawned one yet) so what i was wanting to do was dig up an old version of unity 4 (unsure of the precise best version number for it) and most importantly the original unity 4 parttools so i can reexport back in unity 4. anyone have any ideas how i could gather this info? and files?

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The following are KSP/Unity versions:

1.8.0    2019.2.2f1
1.4.0    2017.1.3p1
1.1.3    ?
1.1.2    ?
1.1.1    ?
1.1.0    5.2.4f1
1.0.5    ?
1.0.4    4.5.1f3

Only the latest parttools seems to be available - you might ping JPLRepo to see if he has previous versions.

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