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Is there a mod that makes simple experiments transmittable for 100%?

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I am looking for a mod that makes simple experiments with numeric data (temperature, pressure, etc.) transmittable for 100%, not requiring being returned for full science value, while the experiments that produce samples (science lab, mystery goo, surface samples, etc.) must still be returned. I used Kerbalism up till now, and it tweaks this like I described, but I had to ditch it because of it's incompatibility with other mods.

Is there a a stand-alone mod that does this? I am having a hard time finding one. SETI Rebalance used to do this as well, but it hasn't been updated since KSP 1.3...

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I don't know if a mod exists but a quick glance at the part config suggests this can be achieved with a fairly simple module manager patch, which makes me think you could probably just pull those patches out of the mods you mentioned.

Inside "ModuleScienceExperiment" there's an entry for "xmitDataScalar" which I'm guessing is the multiplier for transmit value. So a patch for that would look something like this...

      @xmitDataScalar = 1.0

I could be completely wrong mind you and that value means something else entirely :D

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