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RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.4.1 for KSP 1.8.1

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Anyone know of a F-86 Sabre and/or MiG-15 cockpit mod? both should be in service, not testing, & available late 1949 (before game start).

A slightly lighter/shorter 1 person cockpit would be AWESOME! And using a junkers cockpit from the mid 1930's in the start of the 1950's for "bleeding edge" use is maddness.

Edit: Found these here, I/we only need the cockpits, and any related, files I assume. 



F-86 Sabre


Now how do I "RO/RP1'ize" them? Can some "hold my hand" through this, on 1 at least, it can be treated as "both" in RP1?

MiG-15 "height" is 3.7 m (12 ft 2 in), F-86 Sabre "height" is 4.29 m (14 ft 1 in) so pretty close for diameter, length & mass...

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found them!
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And now for my Mercury suit attempt:

Attempt v0.0.1 of Mercury Navy Mark IV IEVA Suit (first suit I made from template (boot soles and strap/buckle are a copy of @Chubby_Hamster's):

I need a more "tin foil" or "mirrored aluminium" chroma color key, I think the "name plate/buckle" color key is good for main suit color, I'll darken the name plate/buckles a few shades.... 

Its  not like close enough to this yet, but its try v0.0.1 inside 30 minutes after learning...so I'll get it right "soon (TM)": details like gloves, straps, boots, zippers, stitching...etc and "that perfect color" need work (PS I hate spelling colour as color here) Mercury IEVA Suit (Navy Mark IV) worn by Gordon Cooper of the Mercury 7





My attempt




my better attempt: still not silver enough




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https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases  AKA: Kopernicus 1.9.1-3



New in this version (1.9.1-3): TL;DRFull support for KSP v1.9.1, Oh yes!



1.) The ocean specular sun shader was misaligned by 90 degrees. This has been fixed.

2.) Some edge case loading exceptions were dealt with (basically bugfixes).

New in major release (1.9.1)

1.) Performance Optimization and bugfixes enabling KittopiaTech support.

2.) JNSQ & other large world "Farm patch" bug fixed.

3.) Particle support restored.

4.) All 1.9.1 bugs that are known fixed. Full support for 1.9.1

5.) Multistar support. The math on ECs in single star may be slightly different than stock in some situations, but it should be similar in most and not enough to matter.

4.) Stock asteroid generation enabled for Sentinel contracts (can be shutdown for planetpacks or by user, see below)

5.) Added GameData\Kopernicus\Config\Kopernicus_Config.cfg file, with options to configure shader warnings and enable or disable stock asteroid generation. Easy to edit, just look inside!


oops maybe a bit too soon to celebrate? RO & RSS to go...:(;)

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4 hours ago, MuriloMoreira said:

Can I run this if 4GB of ram, my gamer pc just broken, i need to use my old pc .

Highly doubt that.. Unity engine places a lot of KSP on the RAM when starting.. Windows itself already needs at least 2-3gb of ram. When playing KPS, I use over 16GB of RAM. Not that I am to much of a refference point, I got a sh*tton of mods installed apart from RO

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14 hours ago, MuriloMoreira said:

Can I run this if 4GB of ram, my gamer pc just broken, i need to use my old pc .

yes, but you need a selective set of textures! AND "windows services"

I can assist if you like (direct you to links, etc). Windows services are easy.. "offline-lite_gaming_services_mode.bat" "online_gaming_services_mode.bat", "offline-EXTREME_gaming_services_mode.bat", 3 files

A guy named "the black viper" made lists in the windows 2000/xp days, to the 1st 2 builds of windows 10. Muttonchops maintained a newer list (still 2 years out of date now) and the vogons community now maintains the Windows 2000, XP-x86, XP-x64, vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 lists now.

To run KSP you need a 64bit capable OS (XP-64 WORKS and uses least ram but is...glitchy)& CPU . I suggest windows 8, as it uses the "LEAST system resources" next to XP (including 7 & 10 YES).

A brief order of getting windiws 8 to the point of running KSP:

NOTE: in "extreme mode, you cant do "a lot but game solo" (even some apps wont run) but windows 8 will doot under 500mb  (463mb on in my "best" test) ram used

  • With "cleanmem" app (its good) I can after boot "settle down" do idling at 443mb ram used after I set it to aggressive. that will leave you 3653mb ram for KSP


  1. install windows 8 and get all updated drivers FROM Manufacturer  like AMD or Nvidia, not windows update
  2. After drivers, complete windows updates
  3. After windows updates go to "ninite" installer site: I'll link you a "basic install setup" that will "turn key" ready your PC for basic internet safety/basic apps
  4. Then install AIO runtime from that german Windows expert (I'll link you)
  5. Then directx9c and the nexest directx for windows 8 (ill link you)
  6. A REAL memory manager (cause ms gives 0 craps about your ram use..."just download more" lol) i'll link u
  7. Get the windows 8 settings bat files, l can link you
  8. Steam > ksp > copy that steam KSP to a differnt folder (so steam wont change your files)
  9. a few tricks in KSP (hyperspace, prune, janator, pure "custom" dds textures & pruning) <-- this part is simpler than installing windows 8 to the paint we are at imho
  10. DONE

Then the RSS 2048 pack > we "resize and re-encode" to, lets say a mix of 1024 down to 512:

  • LIKE SERIOUSLY: You plan on landing on the moon's of Pluto; Charon Styx, Nix, Kerberos, or Hydra for a detailed look?...if so TEACH ME
  • so 1 default "smaller" head texture dxt1 at like 512x512 and live with result (it wont be bad though)
  • 1 "smaller suit" at maybe 1024 to 1536, aslo dxt1
  • lose all but 1 "smallest one" of the loading screens in the rp1 folder (this is a pruning example)
  • I wont list it all but a small skybox and settings in game graphics via the "text cfg file" not the menu and any "tiny pack" mods for texture replacer (to trim texture sizes) could help

I make heads/suits/skyboxes now and was able to get all the staff with "human arms/hands" But the RSS thing is "way past me".

You can do a few things past keeping as many of the texture files "smaller BC1/BCa1" as possible, that will help

The "planet textures" are your big issue, but with selective "pruning of parts/textures" and picking "suitable" resolutions you CAN PLAY THIS, YES

PS: there is a python command to dump vRAM reservation to "no buffer", that took me from 96mb, of 6gb, used at idel to 32mb, of 6gb, used vram at idle, OR it gave me 64mb vRAM "MORE" basically for use

PS2: I think if you toss a dx10 header on the DXT1 files (BC1) they use just a touch less ram, I need to test


If thats too much I will just mail you a 8GB DIMM set of 2x 4GB DIMMs lol (if its DDR3)

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I didn't see this mentioned before, so just checking. 

I have the steam version of KSP 1.8.1 installed, and CKan confirms this version on its header bar.

Following the instructions for installing RP1 on KSP version 1.8.1 - The instructions say for CKAN only tick compatibility with version 1.8, however RP1 doesn't show as a compatible mod unless version 1.7 is also ticked.  CKAN lists RP1  as being 1.2.1 of RP1 only.  I do have the mechjeb repository added as well.  Is there a temproary glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any advice.

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19 hours ago, Chippy the Space Dog said:

RP1 doesn't show as a compatible mod unless version 1.7 is also ticked.  CKAN lists RP1  as being 1.2.1 of RP1 only.

Did you try the refresh button? There have been several releases since 1.2.1 and all of them are in the CKAN repo.

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17 minutes ago, todi said:

Did you try the refresh button? There have been several releases since 1.2.1 and all of them are in the CKAN repo.

Odd.  I have indeed. I'll maybe try completely reinstalling KSP instead of just letting steam patch it backwards. I ended up installing RP1 manually and everything -looks- ok, but its odd CKAN only displays RP1 if the 1.7 compatibility box (or earlier) is checked. 


Edit:  Found the problem.  My CKAN exe was copied over from a previous instal.  Once I updated to 1.28 RP1 appeared. Thanks for reply.

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Note: KCT is now integrated into RP-1 and doesn't need to be installed as a separate mod. All KCT issues or bugs that come up should now be reported to this repo and not to LinuxGuruGamer who will not offer any support for this version of KCT.

Changelog from Previous Version


  • Combine VAB and SPH queues into a single shared queue
  • Use "Cape" as the default KSC, not "Stock". This fixes spent upgrade points going missing when installing or uninstalling KSCSwitcher.
  • Vessel recovery improvements
    • Reset engine throttle and activation status
    • Set flaps to 0
    • Toggle brakes off
    • Reset TestFlight and TestLite reliability/failure statuses
  • Add RP-1-specific descriptions to KSC facility upgrade dialogs
  • Make the "Upgrades" button text green if there's points to allocate
  • Adding a vessel to be build queue will offer to unlock all not yet purchased parts
  • Make parts in development available in the editor (#1351)
    • Can be toggled through a button in the top right of the editor scene
    • Works also for parts from R&D nodes that have been unlocked but not researched yet
    • Uses the KSP's experimental parts feature to add a stock of 1 for each part. These can only be used in the editor or in a sim but vessel with experimental parts cannot be added to the build queue.
  • Fix completed build list vessels disappearing in certain cases
  • Simulate airlaunch by starting a KRASH sim and clicking on the KCT button


  • Add orbit contracts to Ceres and Vesta (#1319)
  • Increase plane contract soft cooldowns to 120 days
  • Specify which other contracts will be disabled in the description of the First Crewed Orbit contract
  • Do not allow accepting 2 different sets of NavSat contracts at the same time
  • Change Lunar Orbit requirement to have an Apiselene below 2,000km
  • Fix description of contract requirement for 2nd Gen Weather Sat contracts (#1353)
  • Fix Crewed Lunar Flyby contract parameter title
  • Fix copy-paste error in secondgen navsat (#1357)
  • Make Early Nav Sats get destroyed on completion
  • Gate Early Comm Network behind Comm Test Sats
  • Fix the chance of orbit 1 and 2 parameters overlapping for Orbital Flight with Maneuvers and 2+ Crew contract
  • Make the First Scientific Satellite contract require a duration of 1 day (#1362)


  • Move hydrazine back a node (#1241)
  • Add support for new ROCapsules Mercury and Gemini
  • Change the old ROCapsules Mercury Parts to be Non-RP0
  • Add support for ROEngines RD120, KTDU-425A and KTDU-35
  • Fix tech tree placement for KVD-1
  • Fix Lunar Capsules not requiring Early Docking in the Tech Tree
  • Added Support for Conformal Decals
  • Fix ROCapsules Big G Crew Compartment configs
  • Add support for ROEngines LMAE and LMDE
  • Move spaceplane wings to prototypeSpaceplanes node
  • Reduce the sci cost for HypersonicFlight node and upper aviation branch of the tree
  • Do not adjust mass of SXTsciencenosecone
  • Tag airliner fuselages Unpressurized (#1340)
  • Change ROTanks probe core to use the deep space Entry Cost Modifier
  • Remove the base cost of 100 from ROT probe core
  • Add Avionics to Big G Crew Module and Big G SM (#1339)
  • Add Proc Fairings v6.0+ Support (#1335)
  • Add support for ROEngines HG-3 (#1352)
  • Add new Kerbalism ISRU part configs (#1345)
  • Change tech tree placement and Entry Cost Modifier of ROCapsules MOL docking port
  • Fix unlocking Agena A causing the game to freeze (#1364)
  • Add support for ROHeatshields
  • Move ROCapsules heatshields from COMMAND nodes to EDL nodes (#1358) (#1374)
  • Move the Soyuz heatshield from 1960 to 1965 node (#1358)
  • Add support for ROEngines XLR25
  • Move ROCapsules Apollo drogue to docking port node (#1371)
  • RD-8 and RD-120 cost tweaks (#1346)
  • Add support for ROCapsules GATV Fairing (#1372)
  • Add training times to ROCapsules BigG, Apollo-III and Orion


  • Small Procedural Avionics code optimizations
  • Rename the Orphan Parts tech node and encourage people to not unlock it
  • Fill gaps in Tracking Station upgrade requirements, and provide additional info in Part Upgrades in R&D.
  • Fix discrepancies in Comms TL upgrades between patches in RA and RP-1 (missing TL, different upgrade tech requirements)
  • Reduce TS5 requirement to Improved Comms
  • Update ProcAvionics part size limits for ProcParts 2.1+
  • Changed the Toolbar logo to the RP-1 Logo
  • Change the UI to use KSP style
  • Change upgrade costs and tiers of R&D and Mission Control (#1314) (#1331)
  • Fix random empty months in Career Log
  • Make infinite EC cheat bypass avionics checks
  • Package the parts browser into an executable (#1320)
  • Default to Tooling tab in the editor
  • Reset window size when switching tabs
  • Add ClickThroughBlocker support to RP-1 UI


Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release!
@siimav @pap1723 @DRVeyl @leudaimon @nepphhh @Capkirk123 @lpgagnon @StonesmileGit @mattwrobel @Standecco @Ballatik

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7 hours ago, kerbonaut66 said:

i cant add points to the sph and i dont know why.

VAB and SPH now share the same queue (called VAB):

On 10/7/2020 at 10:19 PM, siimav said:

Combine VAB and SPH queues into a single shared queue


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I have a question for anyone able to answer, would it be possible to add the range safety self-destruct feature to stock probe parts / vessels? If so, what would be needed? I found a MM patch in RP-1 that adds 'module range safety' to parts, but it doesn't define what range safety is or what it needs to do in game, so I'm assuming that definition is coming from somewhere else I haven't found. Just thought I'd ask.

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On 11/22/2020 at 8:13 AM, YaBoyShredderson said:

Any contract packs supported by ro and rp1 that add plane contracts? Like a giving aircraft a purpose kind of thing? Because beyond x planes at the start of a career theres not much point in them, and GAP is a must for my career modes as designing and flying planes is one of the most fun bit of ksp for me.

There aren't any contract packs for Rp1. If you want more xplane contracts, please go to the Rp1 github and/or discord (in #rp1-feedback), and suggest so. I believe the devs think the current quantity of contracts is sufficient, but idk.

On 10/13/2020 at 10:48 PM, Сквайр said:

Hello. Are there plans to add support for the KSP Interstellar Extended mod and contracts for it?

Do note that it is Realistic Progression 1. The methods of propulsion in the game have a basis in reality (whether it be flown or theoretical engines). Interstellar travel is impossibly difficult with what is in game, thus KSPIE is most likely not going to be supported.

On 2/1/2021 at 4:13 PM, RP1IsSuperior said:

can you build self sufficient bases? I want to combine this with KSPI to visit some exoplanets

With what's currently in ROKerbalism, I don't think so.  ISRU stuff is in development though iirc. Feel free to check the rp1 discord in #rp1-kerbalism. Refer above for info about KSPIE.

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