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Crashing on Mun with new terrain shaders enabled


I'm getting a serious issue where KSP is crashing the display driver when the new shaders are enabled in 1.8.1 on the surface of the mun. I can load the vessel, but the game will either crash in a few seconds, or the whole driver will die causing a bluescreen and forcing a restart. It seems to be caused by the new terrain shaders being set to High. Setting the terrain shader to Medium seems to have tentatively fixed the issue but I haven't played for very long after this. I'm not getting immediate crashes with it set to Medium so far like it was when set to High. I thought this was a video card overheating issue but the temps on the card never get past 65C which is well within operating range.

Steps taken:

Fresh unmodded KSP install

Removed display drivers with DDU and reinstalled latest drivers


KSP 1.8.1

AMD R9 390


Althlon II X4 2.8

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One common fix is to turn down your terrain shaders to "medium" or turn down your render quality in the KSP settings. If that doesn't work and you have AMD drivers, follow the instructions below:

Go to your KSP folder

Open the file "Launcher.exe"

Click on the settings icon (a white cog on a blue background)

Go to the "Advanced" tab

Click "Run in AMD compatability mode" Click apply/accept.

Hopefully this can help you a little! :)

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