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Quickfix I knocked up for the odd panels on SM-25 Service Module

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		@jettisonForce = 30
		@jettisonDirection = 0 1 0
		@jettisonForce = 30
		@jettisonDirection = 0 -1 0

Requires Module Manger (and Making History of course), changes the panels to jettison OUTWARD as expected rather then laterally... 

NOTE: Does not address the whole "bay is open but parts think it's closed" bug

NOTE: If craft is spinning when the panels are blown, you'll see some really odd behavior.  Take one to orbit and roll before jettison; you'll see what I mean...

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No I didn't...  Fix it that is.
Welcome to the world of incomplete testing.

It never, ever.... EVER....EVER occurred to me that a piece of code, meant to shed parts in a game with 6 degrees of freedom, wouldn't have it's directional vectors referenced in some way to the part. 





The part can have it's mass, force, AND DIRECTION of ejection specified, but that direction is relative to the UNIVERSE... 

I kept cheating my craft into orbit to test the direction of ejection, and once the panels blew OUT and not sideways thru the craft I thought it was all good. 

Later in game play I noticed it was still wrong - did some more complete testing, and found out that all I did was make sure the panels would travel Up and Down (relative to the camera in orbit mode) with no regard what so ever to the orientation of the service module.

This module is used in many places where it would go unnoticed (engine shrouds for instance) but in the case of the LV-N engine, it can be noticed - and this in fact leads me to recall that this has been the case for a LONG LONG time. Seems rather stupid to me - heightened enormously by my embarrassment at not being more thorough and making assumptions.

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