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So I played KSP today after a long break:

- Music randomly starting to play bug - not fixed for like how many versions now?

- New feature "Delete all messages" offers me "Do not show this again" - doesn't work.

- Game crashes after a while. This was literally my first crash of this game ever.

You are getting sloppy with the QA lately...

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14 hours ago, nwillard said:

The base game seems pretty stable to me, in 1.8.1 at least.

Been running a modded 1.8.x for a few days now; no crashes, just one occasion where the music started in the VAB despite being muted. Minorly annoying, but nothing critical. I prefer it to the old "ram limit countdown" we had before 64-bit came along and there was a 100% guarantee of a crash when the game hit a certain memory footprint :lol:

Haven't tried 'do not show' feature, cannot comment on that, but on the whole this is a pretty respectable version from my perspective.

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