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Is KSP2 dying?


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Yes, it's obviously dying.  We never hear from the developers, they haven't released a new version recently, and even the modders refuse to make mods for it.  No one is posting screenshots or craft files, no youtubers making videos of it.


All clear signs that KSP2 is dying.

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Dangit. I thought I put that "2" in there.
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6 hours ago, NSEP said:

What happens before gaining consiousness?

You were not living in an eternal state of unconsciousness.


6 hours ago, NSEP said:

Was i dead before i was alive?

As much as you was alive after you are dead - depending of the axiom you accept as Trueness about what's the meaning of being alive.

Further information are needed.

Unfortunately, all the people I (had) known that could answer that don't talk to me anymore.


6 hours ago, NSEP said:

Is the universe full of wandering souls waiting to take the body of an organism?

The Ghost in the Shell.

Considering there have never been so many humans alive at the same time as today, I think there're currently a severe scarcity of available (fully capable) souls.

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