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Is KSP2 dying?


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:( if someone gives it to me I will take good care of it :3 feed, water, fertilise, repot, nice sunny window, belly rubs! whatever it takes! it won’t die on my watch \o/!

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On 12/16/2019 at 5:58 PM, Dman979 said:

Is this thread dying?

No, but it appears to be morphing/merging into Shower Thoughts.

Here's a thought: I'd rather talk anyway about hygiene than KSP 2.

(Call me sentimental, but I never want KSP 1 to die, you see.)

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ksp2 is just a theory just like warp drives, you see it's made by star theory   

Edit: anyway  has anyone maken a warp drives mod between usi's and kspie's one in terms of power and how difficult to work with?(aside interstellar warp drive standalone)

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grammar but still bad
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4 hours ago, Pkmniako said:

KSP2 has been cancelled. Now KSP4 is on the works, with 42 new types of SRBs.

Nah, man. GNU_KSP. Its spirit lives on as an open source and somewhat lackluster clone built from scratch.

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1 hour ago, VoidCosmos said:

The threads new title:

KSP2 Is dying

Is not Dying, officially is on development, but I can guess that no body is at office working... because of Covid-19, so guessing all at home, working hard at least I hope so!

Microsoft is also facing the same issue with FS2020, I hope that hey don't have any delays, at least for all us Zombies trying to survive/avoid to Covid-19 is a good way to pass time while at home, while the vaccine is being studied and tested (avoiding some bureaucracies like President Tramp say) but I don't know why the first thought that came to my mind is "Resident Evil" sequel


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