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How Would An Android Manifestation Of The Internet Act... With Free Will?

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Take the entire internet and download it into an android with free will. Daily give it updates by being connected via wires for 30 min a day (ultra fast downloading of content and virtually infinite memory storage capacity).

What would he/she act like?

Curious. Wanting to add data to what they already know.

What would they know? Everything. Just looking at you they could recall your records and bring up a record of all IP address internet usage for all devices registered to you to to estimate who you are and what your interests are (google already does this, don't even ask if government does).

Morality: Wow. Knowing everything they could literally make a more informed choice than any normal human. But I think ultimately, if given free will and human desires to boot, they would follow their heart (whatever/whoever they chose to love most). In other words, they could be ANYTHING. Good or bad.

What do you think?

EDIT: I think the last thing she says is rather creepy, but I think what she would really mean... if being truly real and honest, is that a properly functioning android has no regrets and will do as programmed, with no will of it's own. It's only desire is to fulfill it's programming.

Obviously... my OP example is not that way. It is the android embodiement of the internet.... with free will.
You may discuss. What do you think?

EDIT: They would probably make a living as a corporate spy/or covert infilitrator. With everything they already know... why not know more?



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What does it mean "Texting to somebody."  The real Internet always knows, to whom and what.

Also he should be waving with commercial fliers between her nose and the food. About engine oil, bank credits, working boots, and oceanic cruises.

Sometimes he would hold her hands and draw circles with index finger as waiting cursor.


In the Detroit video the person is obviously virtual or loaded, or both. Just look at her motionless glance. A real human constantly estimates the counterpart shape and motions, moving the eyes.

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