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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground Expansion Grand Discussion Thread!


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Breaking Ground, the second expansion for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is now available for players to enjoy on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs. Study mysterious surface features on all of the celestial bodies in the Kerbolar system. Set up a base and deploy experiments for long-term study and test your creativity with brand new robotic parts. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground will help you and the Kerbals reach new horizons, all in the name of Science!

Robotic Parts

Take your creativity to the next level! Brand new robotic parts include hinges, rotors, pistons, propeller blades and rotational servos. These parts come with new control mechanics and allow you to create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their universe!


Surface Features

Find interesting surface features like mineral formations, meteors, craters and other curious planetary features across the Kerbolar system. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new rover arm!


Deployed Science

Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty of experiments for you to try out!


And more!

Free Update 

Coupled with the expansion, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is getting a content-filled console-optimized update that will contain long-requested features like the Improved Burn Time Indicator, the Delta-v per Stage and Delta-v Tool App, an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter, Axis Group binding, dozens of Part revamps, as well as performance improvements, bug fixes, and more!

 Check out the Changelog for further details:

========================= KSP Enhanced Edition Patch 9 =======================
+++ Improvements
· Added DeltaV Indicators
· Added Axis Groups
· Added New Parts
· Added ASL/AGL altimeter toggle
· Kerbal Portraits now available in EVA
· New idle animations for Kerbals standing on ground
· Added navigation icons for launch sites
· Added extended burn time information
· Added cargo parts and inventories
+++ Bugfixes
· (Xbox) Fixed the B button not returning the player to the space center when pressed with the part list window open in the science archives
· (Xbox) Fixed the Xbox One cursor preset control list not displaying the delete part functionality when viewed in the VAB
· Fixed an issue where the custom category can still be interacted with when changing region in simplified preset
· Fixed the button display for looking around being switched when entering the control prompt screen from Simplified control preset
· Fixed button prompts overlapping with the controls menu overlay when opening it during EVA
· Fixed astronaut complex inaccessibility from the VAB when there are no available Kerbals within the crew tab of the editor
· Fixed the game paused prompt dismissing when reconnecting a controller and dismissing the controller disconnected prompt while launching a ship
· Fixed the loss of functionality when using fundraising campaign and patents licensing in the administrative building in campaign mode
· Fixed gameplay performance stutters when making small adjustments while using the RV-105 RCS thruster block with SAS active in flight mode
· Fixed players not being able to interact with the action groups when creating a new craft in the simplified preset
· Fixed the loss of functionality when changing the preset from radial to simplified with the warp or apps region highlighted at KSC
· Fixed an issue where an NRE is generated and the second vessel disappears while rendezvousing
· Fixed an NRE that was generated when returning to the main menu from gameplay
· Fixed an out of memory loop that occurred when turning the biomes visible cheat on and off from the map
·  (Xbox) Fixed an NRE that was generated when opening the KerbNet access throughout gameplay
· Fixed an issue where crashing the Stratolauncher into the ocean after separation would not properly destroy all parts
· Fixed a loss of camera functionality when the more info panel is open but the cursor is not on a part in the VAB/SPH
· Fixed IVA assets that were missing when using the Mk2 Lander Can in flight mode
· Fixed a loss of functionality when opening various stock vessels in the VAB/SPH
· Fixed category icons jittering when scrolling tabs in the VAB/SPH
· Fixed missing text when viewing the altimeter in flight mode
· Fixed the save prompt not receiving focus when selecting Return to Space Center from the pause menu in the VAB
· Fixed the PAW opening unintentionally while trying to reset any parts orientation in the VAB/SPH during gameplay
· Fixed conflicting controls when viewing the controls app and rotation prompts when using the simplified preset in the VAB/SPH during gameplay
· (PS4) Fixed the camera not recentering when pressing the right stick button with the cursor over the KSC throughout gameplay
· Fixed Valentina’s suit appearing with corrupt blue textures when viewing the Kerbal model on the main menu
· Fixed an issue which allowed the player to open the pause menu when the manage launch sites menu is open in the VAB/SPH during gameplay
· Fixed an issue preventing the shortcut for map view from being used when time warping while in radial preset during gameplay
· Fixed loss of acceleration and alignment functionality when leaving the physics range of the vessel and returning in gameplay
--- History and Parts Pack ---
· Fixed an issue preventing progress in the Dawn of the Space Age mission after building the K-7b during gameplay
· Fixed missing parts from the Sally-Hut 1 mission after resetting the mission from the main menu
· Fixed an issue preventing the change suit functionality from displaying when viewing the crew tab throughout gameplay

 Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition and the Breaking Ground Expansion are available on the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

 Remember that if you encounter any bugs and/or issues, you can help us out by reporting them in the Console Project within our Bugtracker and/or the Technical Support Thread for consoles in our Forum. This will help us with any future patches for the game.

As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. Click here for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground Expansion.


Happy launchings!

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Everything is perfectly fine. I´m impressed. Since I didn´t spare legit sarcasm and frustration on here regarding earlier releases I thought it would be just fair to let you know that I´m quite happy with your work on this one. Not only I found no new bugs, you even solved one annoying graphic issue which was no game breaker but a pain in my cheeks for months now. That you still brought out the DLC and Update even though KSP2 is straight around the corner was an unexpected and nice surprise though. I appreciate that! 


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