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Config file clarification

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Hi, the drag cube,  is the games representation of the crafts/parts dimensions, the game uses this info to calculate drag. Drag cubes for standard style and simple animated  parts are calculated at every game start up, and written to the part database, once a DC has been written to the PartDatabase.cfg, this is the info that the game will always use.

Rather than repeating whats lurking elsewhere, have some links :) The first is the post that started my interest in tweaking DC's and the other two explain how to set it all up for parts that may, by default generate a procedural cube(BAD) or no cube at all.



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epic info! cheers, was wanting a more accurate set of aerodynamics than my first time i modded a pelican into the game. but im having some interesting other issues. i have always used a config from another equivalent part to make sure im not missing anything before i start changing values but this time im having issues of the data not updating... like i think the object is updating cos changing the config moves the nodes around and changes the drag in flight and similar but my part in the game still comes up as "mk3 cockpit" rather than the names ive set. its also only working for the cockpit and my other parts are straight up not appearing at all.... man i forgot how finicky ksp modding can be and i was doing it BEFORE drag cubes xd


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Not sure about why your part comes up as mk3 cockpit. I think more information is needed on the part and config. Initially it sounds you are not giving each part a unique name, but it could be missing a texture in the folder and not loading the part, or missing a closing bracket. For instance are you using +PART[mk1-3pod], or @PART[mk1-3pod] to modify it. Or are you just making a copy of the file and editing it. Do you have ModuleManager installed? If you could post the configs or more information it would help. And as SpannerMonkey mention the drag cubes are all automatically generated in the PartDatabase.cfg located where the KSP_x64.exe executable is located.

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