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Light version of FASA I fixed the RCS bug and stripped out all other mod dependencies like RPM and the reflection plugin. It was just throwing errors and didn't work anyways.

Legs are still broken. I don't use them anyway so they are gone. The Gemini lander is back though.

I also removed the Apollo Command Module, LES and the Lunar Module with its legs. I didn't make them and don't own them so they had to go. Also they are almost the same as the stock ones now so just use them. This is the version of FASA I play with so have fun.

You can fix FASA 5.44 with FASA Light...

You can overwrite your old FASA directory with FASA Light and it will fix a bunch of stuff without deleting anything you want to keep. Old FASA 5.44 OLD FASA 5.44

FASA Light Downloads

Spacedock Light/download/1.0

Google Drive

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Thanks @frizzank!!!  Really appreciate your mod and your return to it.  Best of luck!!

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Posted (edited)
On 12/14/2019 at 11:49 PM, Space_Coyote said:

Simple queestion: are there any .craft files of the finished crafts???



The old FASA has the craft files. You can install old fasa and then overwrite it with this one and it will fix a ton of bugs.

(Install Old in GameData . Extract Fasa Light, Paste over old fasa directory in game data. Overwrite - yes.)

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