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[EE] Allow for a time slow-down option.

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Allow for time slow down (like a time compression, but opposite)

One of the main issues I have while playing KSP on consoles is having to move the cursor, especially because performance is usually suboptimal and you have to click on that tiny science part while everything is shaking. A workaround would be having a system that slows the game time down.

Now, while this may sound new and hard to implement, notice that this system is already present in the game; every time you open the radial menu the game goes into a "slow-motion" state and performance has a boost (noticed by FPS increase) since the game has time to calculate everything. Therefore, being able to activate this slow-motion mode outside of the radial while being able to move the cursor and interact with modules would be extremely helpful!

It would also be helpful when you're managing experiments/crew in a space station/planetary base, since the FPS drops significantly while near these two and it's close to impossible to properly move the cursor and click on the parts you want to.

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Even as a PC player, I can see the appeal for an option like this.  A bit specialized/niche, certainly, but as it could be an optional feature, not much reason to not have it.

There have been times in the past (Before in-flight action group editing) where I needed to perform a complex series of clicks across various parts, where speed was an issue.  Can't do it while paused, so have to try and do it unpaused.  Add in a potentially rapidly spinning vessel making parts hard to click on, and a time slow-down or time-stop mechanic could be a very good solution.


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1 hour ago, airtrafficcontroller said:

Another solution is using the locked camera, dont know if this is available on consoles too.

Yup, it does, and I find myself using it when I remember, but the camera angle is usually not the best when I have to interact with parts on specific (and many times) opposite sides of the craft.

A second issue here is that more often than not when I'm trying to interact with a part that's attached to a command pod I keep getting the "crew hatch" menu instead of the part I want, so I always have to change the camera angle so that the command pod is not in the background (behind) of the part I'm interacting with.

This camera is mostly useful for when I'm flying planes or docking.

2 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

Isn't this for that


Probably, but I can't tell.

Regardless, console versions [EE] of KSP do not allow for mods.

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When I need to click things in a short time I open all the windows I want and lock them open. Then I drag them off to the side and sometimes even line up the buttons so they're all at the same height.

Works for fuel tanks too, when I'm using crossfeed for an onion-staged craft and need to know when the tanks are empty because the engines will keep running even though their tanks are out of fuel.

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On 12/8/2019 at 12:57 PM, pincushionman said:

There isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t extend such a feature to include a true pause; though if a slow enough slow-mo is available they’re practically the same thing.

Just got Simple Rockets 2 for Android, not only you can slow down time but you can also pause the game.

I kid you not, even with all the mobile clunkiness and the smaller screen, it's still more user friendly than KSP on the Xbox.

It's just sad.

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