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How Would You Make A Superman Video Game?

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There was a time when I thought third person 3-D gaming was great. Those days are over though.

Not being able to see behind you is really annoying.


Superman games are a challenge due to the fact that it's... Superman. But here's how I would do it.


First person view: Why? Because it would look awesome! That's why?


Gameplay: A mix of RPG involving relationships with other characters (they will either grow to hate or like you). Results can and will effect the game plot. Making things alternately easier or harder for you. And yes... you would also get to do your reporter job as Clark Kent and chat it up with coworkers. There would be first person action gameplay to for rescuing people too. Characters included would be Lex Luthor of course (would make for interesting RPG choices and chats), Lois, and Perry White who would always be a tough work boss with you, forcing you to choose between developing office relationships or being Superman at certain points in the game. You would need sone combo of both to get a good ending, and it would be easier to get a bad ending than not to. You would actualky need to understand what makes people tick to not fail badly. Since as powerful as Superman is, sone stuff he cannot punch his way out of. Some stuff he needs help with (time bombs for example). Oh yeah.. include Batman. The Batman who distrusts Superman. Just fir extra challenge. Yes... you can crush the annoying Batman like a bug... but you might need him later so was that really wise?


How about you? Describe how you would do a Superman game.


Be sure to include:

POV: 3-D First person? 3-D third person? 2-D third person?

Gameplay style.

Characters included.



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A text RPG, text display mode, 2 colors.
Player (the protagonist of the game) is a hospital chief in a small and cozy medical facility, somewhere in green, nice place.
He/She can assign medicines, procedures, and various therapy.
The player has a henchwoman, the chief nurse, called by patients Black Widow for her friendly, open nature.

Between his patients there are: Batman, Superman, a whole corridor of Terminators, 2 Napoleons (one of them is a real one, but they still can't decide, which one).

The objective is obvious: heal them all!

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