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KSP Enhanced Edition patch 8 is live!


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Hello everyone! 

A new patch for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is live!

This patch contains some bugfixes for both the base game and the Breaking Ground Expansion.

If you want to continue helping us out by providing us with feedback and bug-reports, you can do so through our Bugtracker or Private Division’s customer support platform.

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:

KSP EE Patch 1.10
* Fixed parts duplicating in the research and development building when unlocked with funds in the VAB/SPH during gameplay
* Fixed various old models and parts appearing in the parts list when viewed in the VAB/SPH throughout gameplay
* Fixed updated parts reverting back to their old versions when launching the vessel during gameplay 
* Fixed the go to astronaut complex prompt losing functionality when switching tabs in the VAB/SPH
* Fixed parts being duplicated in the research and development building when unlocking parts then saving and loading into the saved game during gameplay

---Breaking Ground---
* Fixed corrupted textures on the scanning arm preview animations when previewing scanning range in the VAB/SPH
* Fixed deployable science experiments displaying science messages every ten minutes when deployed throughout gameplay

Happy launchings!

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