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It's rewind time (2019)

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KSP Rewind 2019
An unofficial representation of the modding community.


As the year is about to end, I want to make my 2nd rewind video for KSP!
Last year, I decided to ask the community what your favorite mods were and I highlighted them in a video.



This year, I want to ask you what mod has improved a lot over the year. It can be visually or it could have added more parts. Was it the new BDB update? The newly released JNSQ? I want to know!
I hope to release the video somewhere first week of January like I did for 2018. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Some requirements:

  • The mod should have had an update this year (if so, describe what the update improved over the last one)
  • A mod that came out this year
  • Plugin based mods are hard to display. But I will do my best!
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BDB 1.6.x and 1.7.x was arguably one of the best things to come out of 2019, while if Kopernicus was updated I would certainly suggest the new Beyond Home update that is in the works.

Edit: Dylan is also right

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BDB, Restock, JNSQ, Tundra Exploration, Modular Launch Pads, Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, Habtech 2, Near Future Tech, and Tantares all made huge steps up in quality this year, or seriously set the standard higher for part quality.


I also heard that there’s a V2 mod made by a very handsome frog, which has some parts that are almost as handsome :P


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Knes by @Well had huge Updates in Texture-Quality(Hermes) and is the only Mod that offers french rocket and spaceship parts. I think whether it should be mentioned here as well. Also:

-Shangsheng Orbital by @damonvv 

-Tantares by @Beale 

-Wildblueindustries by @Angel-125

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I want to mention Near Future Technologies (and any mod from Nertea, pretty much) as well, just because I enjoy them so much. I build my space stations and deep space vessels out of pretty much 90 % Nertea parts. The only stock part I can't live without is the Wolfhound. It's just that good.


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