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Mission Series: Return to the Mun! plus

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The following mission ideas can be taken as challenges, however I will not be scoring them.  I will continue adding more missions to the series as time progresses.  Feel free to follow the series from Mission 1 through numerically, or just pick one that sounds fun, just be forewarned that the later missions will be structured with the assumption that you have completed the previous missions.  I am pulling inspiration from several real life mission proposals from various sources, as will be evident, and each Mission will have a few options for how to complete it.  I won't put any mod restrictions on anything, since I won't be scoring anything, but I am designing the missions for stock KSP with DLCs.  Feel free to use whatever mods, cheats, or divine rituals to the Kracken you wish.  The only requirement is that you enjoy yourself.  If you don't, the Fun Police will be administering Mandatory Fun according to Hilarity Protocol 365.7 subsection A.


Mission 1:  Return to the Mun!


The goal of Mission 1 is to return Kerbals to the surface of the Mun.  They will not, however, go unprepared, like last time.  Instead, we will be be sending them with a way to get back to Kerbin, as well as reliable communications. 

For this mission we need to design several things.  We will need two launch vehicles, a Medium class and a Heavy class.  The Medium class launch vehicle will be used for launching crew and supplies to low Munar orbit, and the Heavy class will be needed to launch some of the more bulky things.  We will also need a survey satellite in a polar orbit of the Mun to survey for ore deposits, as well as at least three communications satellites so that we have constant communications with the brave Kerbonauts who will be setting foot upon the Mun.  Lastly, we will need a reusable single stage Mun lander, capable of landing and returning to Mun orbit (or achieving Mun orbit and landing again) without refueling.  This lander must be able to carry an external payload, which could be a base module, a rover, or a crew module.

There are two ways to go about satisfying the Mission 1 requirements.

Mission 1a:  The Gateway

After designing your launch vehicles and launching the required satellites, construct a modular space station in Munar orbit.  The station will need a station core, with power an propulsion, a science lab, and two habitation modules.  It will also need space to dock at least three vehicles at any given time, and it must be able to fully refuel the reusable lander from either it's core, or from a fifth fuel storage module.  The modules for this station are to be launched on the Heavy launch vehicle.  The station is to be resupplied by crew and cargo vehicles launched by the Medium launch vehicle.

Mission 1b:  Mun Direct

After designing your launch vehicles and launching the required satellites, construct a modular base on the Mun, at a place with lots of ore.  The base will need a core, with power and a refinery, a science lab, and two habitation modules.  The modules are to be launched by the Heavy launch vehicle, and delivered to the surface by the reusable lander.  The base will also need a rover, for extended science trips.  The base will be resupplied by crew and cargo vehicles launched by the Medium launch vehicle, to low Munar orbit.  There, the reusable lander will rendezvous with the crew or cargo vehicle to ferry the crew or cargo down to the surface.

The Launch Vehicles:

The launch vehicles can be whatever you want, rocket, spaceplane, or some weird amalgamation with bits from both and solid rocket motors strapped to the side for good measure.  They can be fully disposable, or fully reusable, whichever you wish.  Make sure they are versatile, however, because we're going to be using them in future missions.  I recommend designing the Heavy to be able to launch two station modules (or two base modules) at a time, and designing the Medium to be able to launch a full crew rotation, or a decent amount of cargo (probably fuel, unless you're using life support mods).  If want, you could launch a reusable tug for moving things from LKO to LMO and make the Medium vehicle smaller or dedicate more of it to crew/cargo.  This option might become increasingly attractive in future missions, and may even become a requirement.  If you choose to use SSTO spaceplanes for your launch vehicles, a tug is strongly recommended for delivering modules from LKO to LMO, since designing a heavy lift SSTO spaceplane that can deliver cargo to the Mun and beyond is quite challenging.

I will be adding more missions as I complete them.  Enjoy  :cool:

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