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Do you know any mod conflict with DLC Breaking Grounds?


I cant run properly Breaking Grounds probably because of my many installed mods, Robotics does not show up, neither Environment changes. The only working feature is space suites for Kerbals.

So my question is: Do you know any mod which may cause conflicts with this DLC?


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Hmm... I do remember Kopernicus having some issues with the BG surface features, which can lead to severe FPS drops, but that's all coming to my mind now, but that's obviously not the issue you have.

The MM log shows an issue with KAX.

In the output log I see several lines similar to this

PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'SquadExpansion/Serenity/Parts/Robotics/Assets/RotoServo_03' as model does not exist.

I'd very your installation using steam, if there are all required files present.

Did you start your game before BG? If yes, the surface features won't be active by themselves as kind of a security measure to prevent a surface feature collide with a landed craft. You'd need to modify your save game manually to enable the surface features or start a new game.

Scatterer 0.0540 worked fine with 1.7.3.

At any rate, I'd first see if all mods are good for your 1.7.3 install.

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