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Hai everyone!

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I'm Legolover, a Lego, Minecraft and (of course) KSP enthusiast!


I discovered KSP on a website. It looked good, so i decided to download the 1.0 demo (yep, back then when it was still on the website) and I enjoyed it alot!

A long time later (when the game was version 1.4.2) I bought the full version on steam.

I have been playing it for a looooong time since then, unfortunately I still tend to make rather large rockets... That usually ends in disaster *ahem* I mean achivement!


So I have finally decided to join the KSP forums so i can chat with ACTUAL players of KSP...

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Welcome to the forums!

As @Vanamonde said, get the hang of small rockets and learn to predict how a rocket will work. Another way to learn is to mess around in sandbox, maybe start a career game to learn how the different parts work.  Perhaps most importantly watch a ton of gameplay; Matt Lowne and Scott Manley(both found on youtube) are  good places to start.

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@Lapis Thanks! I’ve been watching lots of youtubers for a long time. Plus, I play on sandbox most of the time anyway cuz I can’t be bothered to spend time getting funds and science :P

I spend most of my time down on the ground, trying out planes and rovers. When I do go to space, I usually shove a satellite in hornet or go to the mun. I set a station up around the mun, but I’m probably the worst docker ever so usually it just floats around in space. 

My first mun mission (beginning of this year-ish) was terrible, I just slapped some boosters on a pod, shoved some Kerbals inside and crashed it all the way to the mun, then landed on my side... so even though I’ve been playing KSP for a while, I still act like a noob to it.

Maybe that’s because literally no one I know in real life plays KSP, and when I mention it they go all WoBbLY aNd wEirD... I mean, seriously, it’s not rocket science...


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