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Kerbal Nautical Orientation and Traveler Society

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Welcome to the Kerbal Nautical Orientation and Traveler Society (KNOTS)! 

The kerbal race has been everywhere.

Well, almost. Sort of.


It has come to us that whilst we have traveled between planets, traversed the land and flown in the air, we haven’t really paid attention to the oceans. And very much also the ones on Laythe and Eve.

The aim of the game is simple, really.


To get a Membership status-

Build a boat. It’s that simple.


1) Your craft must be fully stock. DLCs allowed.

2) Part count must not go over 600 parts.

Small overdrafts allowed, eg 620.

3) Have fun. Don’t let it be boring.

+kudos if

Hard and fast - your craft goes really fast.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat- obvious, really.

Beautiful!- Looks awesome!


To get an explorer status 

Build a submarine.

Same rules as before. Same kudos.

Extra kudos if

Challenger depth- go to the deepest point on Kerbin. It’s about 1.4 Km deep.

Fast diving- Obvious. Dive fast


To get an Traveller status

Do any of the above, but on another planet with an ocean.

Extra rules for Traveller status-

1) MUST include launcher.

2) Doesn’t have to be manned.

3) Don’t cheat. Please

+Kudos if Manned


Extra rules

1) Submit your craft to kerbalx (suggested) or somewhere. I will review it, and you will get a link to your craft in the lists next to your name.

2) will make one if I feel needs it.

Member list

@DoctorDavinci Amazing entry with the HCMS Dooblydoo https://kerbalx.com/DoctorDavinci/HMCS-Dooblydoo 

@Mars-Bound Hokie A very fast and sleek boat you got there, with the Amphibian! https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Amphibian

@Robonoise The S.S.Kalabunga is a rather minimalist aircraft carrier https://kerbalx.com/Robonoise/SS-Kalabunga

 @Klapaucius Two entries! Actually, one is a submarine so that will go below. Anyway, the Irving!  A hydrofoil! https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Irving-88-Passenger-Hydrofoil

@XLjedi We have the HCS-16 Hurricane, the Pufferfish, and the "Little jet boat inside the helicopter". Great job!

Explorer list

 @Klapaucius Here's the first Submarine of this thread! It flies! https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Rachel-High-speed-submarine

@XLjedi Again! A submarine (The UV-14 Barracuda)! It fits inside an MK3 cargo bay!

Traveller list

@sturmhauke First Traveller of this thread, with the Kerberos SSSTO going to the Jool system! Mission report below.

@Robonoise Second traveller! With a (sadly) single way trip to Eve! Very dangerous reentry (that makes it better!). https://kerbalx.com/Robonoise/Eve-Boat

badge coming soon!

sorry I suck at badges (but ill try)









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"AMAZING! JUST..AMAZING! It's fast, has a long range, and works with the rule of MOAR BOOSTERS! 10/10 "

- Kimbly Kerman.

"It's ok. What concerns me though, is that when physics warping, the craft broke in half... 7/10"

-Kimon Scowl

+Kudos on

Yep. a bit boat you got there- You're gonna need a bigger boat




That's a good entry right there.


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Two months ago, I completed @Robonoise's Grand Tours challenge. Basically, I had to take at least 12 people around the KSC before swimming to the island airfield. Though my entry qualifies as a boat, it can also be used as an amphibious craft.


Craft file here: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Amphibian


  • Part Count: 81
  • Mass: 45.9 tons
  • Crew Capacity: 14
    • I know I said 12 in the craft description, but that's how many tourists I was supposed to carry.
  • Cost: :funds:55,915


I believe you'll find all the proof of the craft's capabilities in this post. It shows me stopping at every building in the KSC before swimming over to the island airfield - and getting on dry land.

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@Mars-Bound Hokie @Robonoise @Klapaucius OH DAMMIT I forgot to turn on notifications for this thread and didn't see your entries! Ok here we go...



@Mars-Bound Hokie Brilliant entry! Powered by two panthers, and is amphibious, I see. Impressive! Member status!

Judge Val- MOAR POWAH! (turns on wet mode)

Judge Bob- *Confused screaming*

+kudos- Beautiful!


 @Robonoise   Neat craft! Looks like you could land an airplane or helicopter on the deck... 

Meanwhile, Judge Val at the KSC-


Sorry for that.   

+Kudos- Beautiful! And that is one big boat.




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@Klapaucius TWO entries, I say!

First up, the Irving! A hydrofoil! 

Judge Jeb- Very fast! Faster! FASTER! FASTA!

Judge Val- MOAR POWA! 

Member status!

+Kudos- Beautiful! And hard and fast, That is a rather big boat...

Second up, the Rachel! A submarine!

Judge Jeb- Yes it very much has moar boosters. I approve!

Judge Bob- AAAAAaaaAaAAAAAAaAAaa

Explorer Status! (A first!)

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4 minutes ago, έķ νίĻĻάίή said:


@Klapaucius TWO entries, I say!

First up, the Irving! A hydrofoil! 

Judge Jeb- Very fast! Faster! FASTER! FASTA!

Judge Val- MOAR POWA! 

Member status!

+Kudos- Beautiful! And hard and fast, That is a rather big boat...


Thanks!  It actually looks faster than it is. It goes about 24 mp/s. Though that scales out well at 53 mph, which is about what the Seattle-Victoria one will do.

9 minutes ago, έķ νίĻĻάίή said:


Second up, the Rachel! A submarine!

Judge Jeb- Yes it very much has moar boosters. I approve!

Judge Bob- AAAAAaaaAaAAAAAAaAAaa

Explorer Status! (A first!)

I had to add more parachutes to it. KSP 1.8.1 is less forgiving, and the first landing today broke it in several pieces.  Also, the pilots got too keen and did not repack the chutes before the land takeoff. Since the thing cannot land except with chutes, they just committed suicide...

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It'd probably be against the spirit of the challenge if I were to build instances of my aforementioned A.I.R.S. entry at my bases on Eve and Laythe, right? I use Extraplanetary Launchpads and Pathfinder these days...

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  • The Hurricane tops out at over 100 m/s on water
  • Initial launch from the runway (no mods to move into the water required)
  • Carries a helo, submarine, and various rovers
  • Submarine has been to the "Eye-of-the-Smiley" (deepest part of Kebin)
  • The Cudafish fits in a Mk3 Cargo Bay.  I've seen some pics of it on other planets.
  • Each craft is posted to KerbalX


The pufferfish is my amphibious crane and salvage craft.



...and there's a little jet rescue boat on this helicopter.




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My A.I.R.S. boat used some mod parts, but I could build an unmodded version without too much trouble I think. I also have a couple of Single Stage Seaplanes To Orbit that somehow managed to get to Laythe and back. They aren't particularly air-, sea-, or spaceworthy, but they got the job done (where "job" is defined as "crazy Jeb stunt").

Kerberos SSSTO (6 crew, small ISRU rig, VTOL engines) full gallery


Trident SSSTO (6 crew, large ISRU rig, 5.5t, 2-kerbal rover in cargo bay) full gallery


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3 hours ago, Klapaucius said:

@XLjedi Amazing stuff!  How long did that take you to build?

Question: you could use the KAL-9000 to control the blade pitch on the hydrofoil, couldn't you, rather than having to right click?

Depends, for some of my more advanced craft, it could be months before I post it.  Other stuff I've had laying around for a year and decide to dust it off and post it.    

As for the question, I don't right-click it...  I was just mous-ing over parts so you could see what I was referring to in the video on-screen text.  Everything on those models are tied to the Action Keys that I mention in the video.  You can download the Hurricane and see the action key assignments that I call out in the video.  2 action keys control the blades.

However, the Pufferfish and my helos are newer designs that do take advantage of the KAL-1000 for some of the more advanced features and ECM mapping.  Which are also pretty interesting craft.

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Wow, that's a lot of entries in a short amount of time! Looks like I'll have to call the judges back from vacation!

First up, @XLjedi, with the HCS-16 Hurricane, the UV-14 Barracuda, the Pufferfish and the "little jet boat inside the helicopter"!

(Inside the spoiler)


The HCS-16 Hurricane is first to arrive at the table.

Judge Jeb- Wow, that's... big.

Judge Val- Ohmygod that's really big.

Judge Bob- That's... Big.

Seems like the judges approve.

+Kudos: Beautiful! And that's a big boat. And it's fast. Perfect! Member status!

Next up - The UV-14 Barracuda! Another submarine!

Judge Jeb- Cute! 

Judge Val- It's a submarine. Impressive...

Judge Val- It goes inside an airplane! 

Yet another approved boat submarine

The Pufferfish is up next!

Judge Jeb- What is a Pufferfish? Oh nevermind, That's rather big.

Judge Bill (Bob went to get a snack)- It's not the fastest... It works though

Val -  Yes.

And finally, the "Little jet boat inside the helicopter"!

Jeb - ... Ok.

Bob - Finally, something safe!




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@έķ νίĻĻάίή

Thanks for admission!

The Barracuda does go inside spaceplanes too.  Do I need to post a video of a Mk3 spaceplane landing on Lathe with the UV-14 Barracuda to get Traveler status?  I s'pose I could take the Monarch to Lathe again if I had too?


Also, I would be happy to assist with badge development.  I'm fairly competent with GIMP and have made several badges for various things.


Some of my flags/badges are here:



...and if I'm creating things for folks, I don't mind sharing the GIMP source files in case you want to make your own edits.

I might also suggest the following name/acronym for your society:    "Kerbal Nautical Orientation and Traveler Society"  (KNOTS)

It would be a lot easier to fit the acronym "KNOTS" on a badge and have it remain visible at various sizes.

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@έķ νίĻĻάίή

On a side note, your username is unusually aggravating to try to tag with "@" tools due to the use of special characters...  Maybe at a minimum consider changing the first 2 to "Ek " so people can tag you to draw your attention to posts on the forum.  Copy & pasting as I did above, does not trigger the forum tools.

If you are going to host things like this, you may want to consider fixing that.  So people can tag you in the thread like you are tagging us in your replies above.

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