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My first suborbital flight in new save game

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Bob Kerman the first Kerbal who crossed border of space (at lest in this time line; -) )


Jeb is furious that he not got this flight assignment but he got previous first kerballed flight that reach 50 000 meters, now it was second flight that Bob reach peak altitude of 82 000 meters, but KASA (Kerbal Space Agency) thought Bob with his scientific background fit better mission profile due loot of sciency  stuff, that included two Mystery Goo™ unit but Jeb still think he would better drove rocket than than Bob the Nerd :D


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15 hours ago, Kerbalstar said:

Very nice @Pawelk198604!

So see this my MK4 mission Moho-Kerbstone 4, with Bob the Engineer as Kerbonaut-Pilot :-)


He almost blow hatch ;-) Jeb is furious because he was passed in crew assignment again, but he not know that i have special mssion for him in mind ;-)


PS, What do you think about new "For all mankind" alternative history show about space race where Soviets landed on Mun before American, i learned about it from  space historian Amy Shira Teitel  Youtube channel Vintage Space that i subscribe, she not published anything for long time and i loved her vlogs/podcasts.

Mine computer went into BSOD when Amy  warned that might be spoiler for, me it was a bit like sign from GOD!? ;-) 
Not watch it until you watch the tv series itself :D 
So i subscribed for free trial period now 'm finished 3rd episode "HE built Saturn V" :-) 

The series and Amy rekindled my love for KSP, btw when KSP 2.0 will be realised 

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