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[WIP] - The Martian for KSP (MAV Release)


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Welcome to the development thread for The Martian for KSP!

This mod brings the rover and the Mars Ascent Vehicle from the movie The Martian to Kerbal Space Program.

The MAV is a revamp of the MAV by @xxhansonmaxx from Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft (from The Martian) with new textures, IVA and fully functional parts.

This rover is a revamp of the Phoenix Industries Ares Rover by @-ctn- with new textures, IVA and hatches.





Ares MAV:
The MAV is now a fully functioning Kerbal craft.
All parts have had their models slightly edited from the original, all have been been re-UV unwrapped and new textures applied.
Pod has undergone signifigant changes from original model.
All Unity work and KSP configurations are new.

For most functionality, install B9 Part Switch at a minimum.
Custom plume and FX provided by @JadeOfMaar
RCS and engines can change fuel mix. Includes Methalox features (these require CryoTanks or Rational Resources).
Pod's top node is a decoupler for if ever you need to dump the cap/chute (Mark Whatney). Decouplers can be turned off from staging while in VAB.
Balanced for 2.7.x. It's where Stock should be.
Crossfeed can be toggled on all parts that can decouple, in flight and in VAB. Especially the lander stage.
Mark Whatney Mode: With B9 Part Switch, switch to Mark Whatney Mode to ditch the windows and hatches. Decouple the nosecone and re-create Whatney's Mars takeoff!
Stage one contains the ladder. Right-click and deploy it to reveal the lower hatch opening and the extended ladder to safely climb up the center to the pod.

Open the nosecone before attempting to stage the parachutes or they will not work. This is a side effect of docking port / parachutes / opening animation in one part. 
There are three legs. Aim for flat ground.

MAV Parts:
Lander stage
Deployable legs with suspension
Lander stage engines
Stage one with deployable ladder and tunnel spotlight
Stage one cruise engines
Stage one main engines
Stag two
Stage two engines
Pod with interior and lights. Primary hatch is beneath the pod. Side hatch remains usable as secondary.
Pod windows can be disabled (kicked out) in-flight or in VAB (but not enabled in-flight or re-enabled after removed).
Nosecone with docking port and parachutes

Parts are compatible with the following mods:
B9 Part Switch
Modular Fuel Tanks
Community Tech Tree
Configurable Containers
Breaking Ground
Kerbal Inventory System

Very special thanks to @JadeOfMaar for testing, balancing, plumes, FX and applying the various fuels configurations and switches / patch compatibilities to the MAV.

Ares Rover:
All parts have been re-textured from original creation
There is now a cockpit interior for 4 kerbals
There are three hatches - one on each side and one in the rear
Handful of spotlights in the front of the vehicle

Rover Parts:

Parts are compatible with the following mods:
9x inventory slots with Breaking Ground Expansion
Kerbal Inventory system inventory
Tweakscale compatibility



Download from SpaceDock




MAV is released

Update 1.10.1

Re-compile for KSP 1.10.1
Fixed attach nodes on cockpit (thanks @BigFatStupidHead)
Added crew report to cockpit (thanks @hemeac)


Random Images:








License is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


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Update (MAV Release)
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8 hours ago, RealKerbal3x said:

 Any chance of some new IVAs, particularly for the MAV? I feel like stock IVAs don't really cut it for these parts, especially because the interiors in the film were really nice.

Maybe - I haven't decided yet. The models are difficult to work with as a side effect of .mu to Blender import - and almost none of the edges are connected to each other. I'll probably give it hell and see what I can come up with, it'll just add some time on the job.

Alternatively, the Mark Watney version of the pod would be *really, really* simple :D:D

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Nice to see this! Maybe "IndustrialPhoenix "?

Thank you for doing this!

I have the lander pack and (and maybe 3Sat) in progress, but no .mu or texture updates - just part.cfg etc. hopefully it will be released Soon™.


Though the landerpack could use some love in both of those categories, and 3Sat might be obsolete with @Nertea's NFExploration nearing its first exploratory steps.

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1 hour ago, zer0Kerbal said:

Nice to see this! Maybe "IndustrialPhoenix "?

Thank you for doing this!

I have the lander pack and (and maybe 3Sat) in progress

Good to hear and no problem.


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33 minutes ago, aceman67 said:

To tie it into The Martian theme: "Acidalia Transport Systems", since the movie and book take place at Acidalia Planitia?

Not bad :D 

26 minutes ago, amarillo114 said:

Awesome! Thanks for your effort into adapting this mod for current version! 

Most definitely.

I just got the attachment nodes squared away but of course it's time for work :) Should be a functioning rover very soon.

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Rover parts are back in action. Re-textured all around, 3 working hatches, 4 working ladders, top and bottom attach nodes on all parts, vehicle lights and spotlights:


Will be moving on to the lander parts and then circling back to see about IVAs, before rounding out config files.

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10 hours ago, Commodoregamer118 said:

Suggestion: Add a crew compartment of the shape of the rover cockpit, a back, and maybe some doors.

Already ahead of you on the side doors. I'll probably do the IVA. 

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On 1/5/2020 at 2:09 AM, RealKerbal3x said:

Ooo, does that mean it'll hold 6 Kerbals? :D

Well, the IVA has the chairs for 6. We'll have to see if 6 actually fit I don't remember when I tried this out several years back.

At this point I've touched up all the models for the MAV and have fixed the UV unwrapping. They will all now need baked and textured. This is going from what looks like one 1024x1024 texture for all of these parts with a bunch of mashed up and incomplete UV's thrown around in there to a 1024x1024 resolution re-texture of each part.

Update: all AO bakes have been done and all parts have been imported into Unity. Texturing to commence next.


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Things got really hectic for me. I think I'm probably going to release the rover before I finish everything just to get it out there. Will be a bit delayed getting the rest taken care of here but it will definitely still happen.

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