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Safely remove vessel from save file to add them at a later point?

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I've been playing KSP on a potato computer (please don't judge :sticktongue: ). Mods are only basics like MechJeb, KER, KIS/KAS, Alarm Clock and Science!. I used to run Stage Recovery too, but I had to remove it for performance (it had a big impact for some reason).

I like playing on career mode, and I like RP a bit in terms of time management - that is, I don't just fast forward for months, but I keep advancing other projects while I wait a particular long one to complete. I like that aspect of project management. But now that space is getting a little bit more populated with vessels things are starting to bog down rather quickly in map view (normal view is fine, even for large ships, but once I go to map view it's bad).

I suspect asteroids are playing a big role in this performance problem and "terminating" them from Tracking Station doesn't work (they're still there). so first question: I'm aware of KML, can I just delete the asteroids from my save file without inducing future problems? How do I do that correctly: the vessel folder in the KML tree tab, or delete it straight on the vessel tab?

On top of that, I find fiddling with maneuver nodes and such a bit of a pain while there are several other ships, bases, stations, rovers etc. in the vicinity. Some of them (like some landed rovers or orbiting refueling stations) are idle for most of the time and I won't need them in the near future. 

So second question: is there a feasible way in which I could remove them from the game (through removing from the save file) but copy the data so I could just reinsert them at a later date should I want to?

Example: I have a moon rover doing nothing for the moment. I want to remove it from the save game so it doesn't clutter my map view or bog performance down by just being there. But I'd like to reinsert the vehicle back into a later save file should I ever want to use it again. 

Ideally, a mod that did that would be grand. Basically "hibernating" crafts (i.e. not simulating them at all for a [potentially long] while). 

Thank you for any tips!

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Hello, @luizsilveira, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I have no idea if what you want to do is currently something that can be done.

I believe this is more appropriate in our Add-on Discussion subforum, therefore I have moved it there.

Good luck!  Hopefully someone knows of a mod that'll do this... or someone will come along and just, you know, write one..;)

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Fantastic! Thank you very much. CKAN says it's incompatible but I see it's been updated to 1.8? I'm running 1.8.9 but I suppose I can give it a try with manual installation.

It seems to be quite close to what I had imagined, barring the ability to delete the vessel. Sure, I can just terminate them through the Tracking Station... but this doesn't seem to work for asteroids. :unsure:

Thanks again!

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On the subject of asteroids, they should eventually despawn if they are not being tracked. It takes a while but in theory, the save will clean itself up in time. If you can't wait, open up your save file (make a manual back up just to be safe) and look for entries such as this...

			pid = aa801cf1bd5049ea8b74eaf195273103
			persistentId = 1664995183
			name = Ast. HSJ-227
			type = SpaceObject
			sit = ORBITING
			landed = False
			skipGroundPositioning = False
			vesselSpawning = True
			launchedFrom = 
			landedAt = 
			displaylandedAt = 
			splashed = False
			met = 0.02
			lct = 0.02
			lastUT = -1
			distanceTraveled = 0
			root = 0
			lat = -2.8344809635168975
			lon = -178.91868948645018
			alt = 14594724021.438751
			hgt = -1
			nrm = 0,1,0
			rot = -0.298433661,0.402898014,-0.817398846,0.283672005
			CoM = 0,0,0
			stg = 0
			prst = False
			ref = 0
			ctrl = False
			PQSMin = 0
			PQSMax = 0
			GroupOverride = 0
			OverrideDefault = False,False,False,False
			OverrideActionControl = 0,0,0,0
			OverrideAxisControl = 0,0,0,0
			OverrideGroupNames = ,,,
			altDispState = DEFAULT
				SMA = 15240600778.330063
				ECC = 0.10916011284638377
				INC = 2.8722371426717483
				LPE = 2.1173106053436341
				LAN = 261.7733362605311
				MNA = -0.055480004311393404
				EPH = 2043585.7560839844
				REF = 0
				name = PotatoRoid
				cid = 0
				uid = 559298752
				mid = 559298752
				persistentId = 3616315693
				launchID = 0
				parent = 0
				position = 0,0,0
				rotation = 0,0,0,1
				mirror = 1,1,1
				symMethod = Radial
				istg = 0
				resPri = 0
				dstg = 0
				sqor = 0
				sepI = 0
				sidx = 0
				attm = 0
				sameVesselCollision = False
				srfN = None, -1
				mass = 150
				shielded = False
				temp = -1
				tempExt = 0
				tempExtUnexp = 0
				staticPressureAtm = 0
				expt = 1
				state = 0
				attached = True
				autostrutMode = Off
				rigidAttachment = False
				flag = 
				rTrf = 
				modCost = 0
				state = 1
				lastObservedTime = 0.02
				lifetime = 586354.71038818359
				refTime = 1728000
				size = 4


You can safely delete these, just make sure you don't leave loose brackets or remove extras. It should be fairly straight forward though, if a little time consuming.

Back when asteroids were first added to the game, I made a save that was basically a test to track everything that appeared. I got to somewhere around 6-700 being tracked (from memory) before the game choked and became almost impossible to use. This was on an old laptop so numbers will vary I imagine based on CPU, plus there has been numerous updates since then.

For me, there were very few actual vessels in flight so the majority of the asteroids were clumped together in the save. Haven't checked in recent versions but that's something else you want to be sure of, don't want to accidentally remove an important craft while mass pruning. Fortunately one of the first entries is the name of the craft so you should be able to just keep highlighting down after finding the first one until you see a craft that isn't identified by the typical asteroid monikers.

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On 1/1/2020 at 3:42 PM, luizsilveira said:

I like playing on career mode, and I like RP a bit in terms of time management - that is, I don't just fast forward for months, but I keep advancing other projects while I wait a particular long one to complete.

Welcome to the forum!

That's how I like to play as well… But this is also why this… wait.. LAST year I have been to Duna the first time, after many years of playing KSP :)

About KML: It's absolutely fine to delete asteroids either in the tree or the vessels view. I don't think there are contracts for specific asteroids, but if you accepted a class-X related contract, you probably don't want to delete all class-X asteroids.

If there is a mod for hibernating your historical vessels that's perfect. You could do this with KML as well, copy & paste them to a separate save file and delete from your active one. I'm thinking about crew now, they should appear as available then… But a problem may arise if they are reused and later the vessel is copied back in, so someone is on two vessels simultaneously... Most safe way to do it for empty vessels only. And contracts again.. Probably you shouldn't delete vessel-X from your "rescue vessel-X" contact, although it might take years to get there (I have one of those active. To his luck I don't run life support mods) :D

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