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"Cub" verniers TOO LOUD

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Posted (edited)

After finally being able to build Soyuz launchers with this expansion, I find the RV-1 "Cub" engines are WAY TOO LOUD. I guess the RK-7 "Kodiak"s are meant to be RD-107 engines (and not RD-170s as I've been hoping for), but they should not be drowned out by these tiny little steering motors.

The problem has been reported here, but until it gets fixed properly, heres a patch you can apply for more believable sound levels:


--- KSP_linux_1.8.1/GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Engine/LiquidEngineRV-1.cfg    2019-12-26 05:09:46.013579997 +1030
+++ patches-1.8/GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Engine/LiquidEngineRV-1.cfg    2019-12-26 05:35:48.298569219 +1030
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
                 channel = Ship
                 clip = sound_rocket_mini
                 volume = 0.0 0.0
-                volume = 1.0 1.0
+                volume = 1.0 0.1
                 pitch = 0.0 0.75
                 pitch = 1.0 0.95
                 loop = true


(Apply with

patch -b -p1

in your root KSP directory)

As you can see, it looks like some sound engineer just fat-fingered an extra 0 in there (Dunberatu describes it as "2-3 times as loud", but volume is logarithmic in perception, so in reality, its 10x more).

I have noticed that this part does not have distance attenuation either; if you zoom out really far in order to try to make it not so loud, it does nothing. Therefore the real fix must involve something deeper, but since that will probably never happen, this patch should hopefully stop blowing up your ears.



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Posted (edited)

After a bit more testing, I noticed the audio file is the same as the one used for the "Spark" engine, which also does not have distance attenuation. This must have been a long standing problem, but I guess no one noticed until now, partly because the "Spark" is meant for space operations, unlike the RV-1, which is the steering motor for the RD-107-110 (for the real R7/Soyuz) or for our RK-7s.

Actually the only engine from the "orbital class" that works properly is the Thud. The other engines I tested, you even hear in map mode, which is ridiculous, and pretty annoying. They were:

Puff, Twitch, Spark, Spider and Ant (but I've noticed just from playing a lot that all of the monoprop engines have this problem too)

I don't have the time or energy to test the heavier engines, but I imagine more of them work properly, since, as I said, it's probably only during launch that one would notice these problems.



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