Low Light Levels Blue {Neutron star!!} [Kopernicus 1.8.1]

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What is this?

The sequel to the planet pack Low light levels Red.

The pack adds in two binary stars and 11 planets and moons.


  • Rubo: A white dwarf that was once a mighty star like Kerbol.
  • Loth: A fiery world with oceans of lava that are slowly cooling in the dim light of Rubo.
  • Ufgo: A tidal locked desert with old dried up oceans and ice on the farside.
  • Crof: A small world even more forgotten than Dres. It has a cratered cold surface.
  • Giza: The biggest gas giant in the system, but still small. Most of its mass got lost in the past.
  • Micry: The only moon still orbiting Giza. It has a cratered dead surface.
  • Zec: A gas giant with strong winds and two very clear bands.
  • Thesi: First moon of Zec, it has a thick atmosphere and small oceans of liquid methane.
  • Pece: An extraordinary asteroid, it is in a binary dance with its partner Poco.
  • Poco: The other asteroid roughly the same as Pece, also orbiting the barycenter.
  • Wilco: One of the most mighty objects in the universe, with the size of the KSC and the name of a scientist his dog.
  • Ria: A cold icy world with a beautiful view of Wilco.
  • Qen: A small asteroid orbiting at big distance from Wilco.


The series

-3LB - You are looking at it right now...

-3LR - The other part of this series which adds 2 brown dwarfs.

-B2L - A pack that adds in two blindingly bright stars.


Github: https://github.com/RJVB09/Low-Light-Levels-Blue/releases
(Secondary) Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2304/Low Light Levels Blue



(optional) Sigma Binary (to make Wilco and Rubo binary): https://github.com/StollD/KopernicusExpansion-Continued

(optional) EVE: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases

(optional) scatterer (not the 1.8 go to change log and download the latest 1.6 one): https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer


Trailer/Kottabos review

Note: The trailer may differ from the real mod due to updates





VE album: https://imgur.com/a/dEWyqwm

Contact/Bug reports

For development updates on my mods, questions and other things, join my discord server! :)

Please report bugs here: https://github.com/RJVB09/Low-Light-Levels-Blue/issues


Most of my mods are just licensed by this.




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Very good mod, but can you please update or should i say downgrade to ksp 1.2.2. Why? you may ask well thats where a lot of ksp mods are compatible


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is there a way to get to it without using cheats? Even with the warp drive mod it would take actual years of constant travel to get to it

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i use a Kaedalus drive that takes about 100000 units of LF and uses cherkonov nuclear engines from kw rocketry i used a 2 stage asparagus design to get 200000 DV half to speed up(after chem engines push it out of the star system this thing uses ENGINES for RCS so if you want to spend 20 years refueling this thing with average ore deposits or hours launching fuel tanks to orbit and docking them for refueling(i choose to make it (mostly) empty and fly to gilly for refueling refuel using the mining module 30 converters 40 large drills this gives me the ability to send exploratory crafts and a mining colony, this was my first interstellar ship(scrapped after the unity was built)

the unity was my seccond, much better ship it had a TWR of 3 when full when on the mun it had 50 cherkonov engines and 500000 DV it could take 400 tons to any star within 50 LY within 100 Years, still slow but the unity had twins, the solidarity, a kerbal transport ship, and the hope, a cargo vessel, unity had both space for kerbals and cargo, however it was destroyed when it could not avoid a collision with jool due do not being able to slow down however the small crew was rescued by the solidarity which had a lower mass and more fuel to spare. Unity debris eventually collided with the sun and the solidarity almost burned up however solidarity and hope are now docked in the shipyards on minmus

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