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1.8 and Visual Pack status

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This is less of a "which one is the best", but more of "What i can use to replace EVE+Scatterer"

So I think I start to run into some artifacts issues with EVE+Scatter+SVE on 1.8, which I used up to 1.7. Looking at the Update page, I found out that SVE (Which EVE use for texture) is now in some kind of license trouble, so texture is not available or something? (Someone clarify on this)

Anyway, I need a list of recommendation of 1.8 visual pack. So far I only know of Astronomer's Visual Pack (and it have two version, Stock and Ad Astra -- what are the differences in laymen's term?), but do have concern about resource usage.

Also, was looking at SiFVE, but it only go up to 1.6? Any other visual packs that does not use that much resources?

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Ad Astra is built for the JNSQ planet pack and leverages some of the AVP assets and but is version locked to 1.7.3 due to Kopernicus mod dependencies.  Astronomer Visual Pack works pretty well in 1.8.1 as best as I can tell from my experimentation.  Spectra is another one that should work in 1.8.1  as well.  Spectra is similar to AVP but a little friendlier to your computer and should result in slightly higher FPS.  According to its mod page it removed a previous dependency on Kopernicus and should work in 1.8.  However, I have not tested that mod personally so I can't confirm its performance in 1.8.  

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