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[PS4] Landed craft levitating and unable to control


Ok so, I have been having fun trying out all the new breaking ground stuff over the last few days.

Landed a craft on Minmus with a robotically deployed rover, Take the rover for a spin to find new surface features and end up about 5km away from the lander, upon returning the lander is not about twenty metres up in the air and tilted over slightly. I have tried EVAing my kerbals from the rover into the floating lander, I can enter the vehicle but firing the engine has no effect and I cannot maneuver at all. Apparently I am moving 9.2 m/s relative to the surface. I then sent a kerbal back to my rover to try driving out of physics distance but now the rover is stuck in place cant even use reaction wheels to rotate it.

I will try to replicate and upload a screenshot when i get home.

Has anyone else experienced this, know the cause or workaround?

Kinda ruining my career save right now as I was planning on building many bases/rovers.

Thanks in advance!

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