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My first High Kerbin Rescue mission!

Rover 6428

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Today I did a rescue mission for a contract in my career gameplay. It was in high Kerbin orbit with relatively high eccenticity. But I managed to save Willwise on my first try! The big challenge in doing this mission was that his capsule was very high (above Mun) and at a very odd angle, and I only had basic parts to my disposal.

Here is my probe "Rescue 5" (I know, very original) approaching Willwise's pod.


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I once had to rescue a vehicle coming back from... er, forget where, one of them planets (think it was Jool). I'd misjudged the amount of fuel from the return and I had enough to leave Jool towards Kerbin, but no enough to make the encounter, or to burn into some kind of orbit. Had to launch a large tanker from my Minmus fuel station and race to intercept it, catching it just outside Kerbin's SOI, then hit the brakes.

All returned safely to Kerbin orbit, for transfer down to the surface later.

Certainly was a fun rescue mission.

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Yep, I'd far rather rescue new pilots, scientists, and engineers, and get paid to "recruit" them, than have to pay through the nose to hire them.

One of the big issues with RO is that the Original Four retire about the time you could reasonably make your earliest (uncrewed) orbit, and it costs as much to hire a single new Kerbonaut as it would to upgrade one of the Space Center buildings.  And there are no rescue contracts in RO.

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