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Hi everyone.

I am considering a colonising mod that utilises Contract Configurator to allow kerbals to be 'spawned' on a base that you establish.

The idea is that you are tasked in a contract to establish a base.  The basic plan is that you have to launch and move several VERY heavy parts to a location on a body, possibly needing to construct in orbit to transfer them.  Once landed, the contract completes and CC deletes what you 

Once this base contract is complete, another contract fires giving initial kerbonauts. Hopefully you'll be able to see what types you are getting.  There will be a delay before getting ongoing contracts to receive them.  But  basically every half year or so another couple will pop out.

Bases will be scaled stock models (maybe re-textured?).  The idea is that each base is a closed arcology - no-one in, no-one out.  Colonials maybe treated as a resource if at all.

This would be a late game career only feature obviously.  Unless a modder wishes to create some code that gives the option of spawns a kerbal after a certain amount of time, perhaps connected to a resource - then it won't work in a science or sandbox game.

Happy for feedback.  I'm slowly working on this at the moment.  If someone thinks this is a great idea, has a different way of implementing it and releases under their own name/concept/whatever then I'd be happy with that!


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Restricting things to career mode isn't very cash money, a lot of people prefer sandbox and it will likely take even proficient players a really long time to receive these contracts. Many career saves die to version changes and deciding to un/install certain mods so it would be better to make the requirement simply having access to the largest rocket parts, which is far more reasonable and makes sense for heavy launch mass contracts.

I'd suggest that you implement launchpads and resource production in these bases so they have a more appealing function and that you continue having contracts to send kerbals to those bases and back. A closed arcology doesn't make sense until they declare independence (which ultimately requires several million of a population to be a reasonable pursuit, but would be a very fun mechanic especially if they spawn giant enemy crabs around their territory to shoot at).

This would be an interesting way of bringing KSP 2 to KSP 1 and I am interested. Could potentially be a huge mod

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It looks like Civilian Population might now scratch this itch... and LGG is maintain it :) .

Using CC was only a makeshift way of achieving the objective.  It really needed a coder to do it properly.



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