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B9 HX Reconfig 1.1.0 [Jan 2, 2021]

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B9 HX was king of megaship parts packs back in its day but times have changed. There are so many fancy fuels to mess with now, HX is out of style and no longer "stockalike" at all, and the kerbal universe has grown far, far wider than Eeloo's orbit. The performance ratings of its one mighty engine mean nothing to today's megaship junkies. B9 Aerospace (HX and the plane parts), alongside OPT Spaceplane, were the first two part mods I met and quickly grew to adore. Eventually, in essence, this needed to happen once I was far along with OPT Reconfig.

I'm not adding parts to this (except for the clones of engine and RCS thrusters). Just as with OPT Reconfig, HX Reconfig's purpose is to enable a good old parts mod to keep up in today's game.

Requires B9 HX itself. Owned by @blowfish

Requires B9 Part Switch or WBI Classic Stock for tank options

Requires Community Resource Pack for the resources in the tank options if you don't play in WBI Classic Stock mode

  • Makes all parts less fragile on impact (30m/s versus their default 15m/s...I might buff it if I see demand for it) and more tolerant to aero heat (by very modest amount: 2400K vs 2000K).
  • Makes the one fission reactor a weaker RTG but also compatible with Near Future Electrical and Wild Blue Industries: DSEV.
    • By default it has a ~100 EC/s RTG, and demands 1MW of cooling while producing 6000 EC/s.
    • With NF Electrical it will demand 6MW of cooling.
    • In Classic Stock mode with WBI DSEV, it's a fusion reactor, producing 12000 EC/s but requiring an investment of 8000 EC to start.
  • Clones the RCS blocks and enables switchable RCS fuel feature:
    • Mono (CRP): MonoPropellant; IntakeAtm; ArcJet (LH2 + EC);
    • Mono (WBI): MonoPropellant; CompressedAtmosphere; Nitronite; ArcJet (Propellium + EC)
    • Bi (CRP): LFO; LH2O;
    • Bi (WBI): LFO; PropLox;
  • Clones the heavy engine. Now there are three of it:
    • The original engine is a proper hybrid plasma LFO and super plasma nuclear rocket.
    • One clone will use [Karborundum +Water] or [WBI Explodium] and behave as a nuclear saltwater rocket, providing unreal TWR and Isp at the cost of the entire ecosystem of any world it is used on.
    • One clone will use CRP Liquid Hydrogen [or WBI Propellium] and serve as an Epstein-alike fusion drive with secondary afterburning mode.
  • Integrates with WBI Play Mode switcher to change from using B9 Part Switch for resource switching and use Classic Stock equivalent of propellants, WBI OmniStorage for tanking and preserve B9 mesh switching separately.
  • Provides unique and all-new plumes for each engine mode and for RCS modes where necessary.

DOWNLOAD :: SpaceDock :: GitHub ::


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9 hours ago, JadeOfMaar said:

providing unreal TWR and Isp at the cost of the entire ecosystem of any world it is used on

I gotta hand it to you, you really know how to speak to your audience and sell your products! Sold! Let's wreck this son of a sun. :cool:

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@garithmar Revival.... To a very narrow extent, but yes.

@rettter3 Sorry, no. I don't have the love for the bulk of B9 Aerospace that's necessary for me to provide for it all. Long story short, when I was still very new to KSP and helpless/unknowing to explore for mods, I grew to fall in love with OPT, and for a time, Mk2 and Mk3 Expansion on the side. There was no room left to develop a love for the B9 plane parts. But I indeed have tried them.

@caipi Better believe it! : D

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