What is your strangest creation?

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Recently I went through all of my past ship saves and found some pretty funky stuff.

what is your weirdest creation?

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Alright, I'll start it off. My first Minmus / Mun lander / rover. I don't do things small or on shoestring budgets in KSP, so my creations are usually much more than is needed as I like to reuse my craft a few times before replacing them with more capable ones. This rover is an abomination. It's too tip happy, it rattles around a lot, and was just thrown together with what I had at the time. The lander in the background too. The problem with the lander is the tanks aren't far enough out, so the rover has to sort of push its way under them to dock with the lander. Then the lander was designed to operate without a Kerbal, but I forgot an antenna, so the only way it is unmanned is if the rover is docked. I found this out when I transferred my Kerbal out some time later to my Minmus station and took the lander down unmanned to the base to get another Kerbal back up to the station, and attempted to leave the rover behind. Overall it was a pretty bad setup, but it got the job done.

I don't have it any more, as I used it to boost my Minmus station's orbit out and circular, then I deorbited it and watched it unceremoniously smash into the surface. This is all I've got from my current game, and I suppose it's more just weird because it's bad, but I wanted to bump the thread :D


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