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[1.9.0][BreakingGround] Propeller Pith And Rotor Torque 0.3


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This mod enables you to control propellers' pitch in flight to get better performance or switch to autofeather to reduce drag, as well as automatically limit rotor's output to save electric charge.

  • Updated to support KSP1.9.0
  • Add support to all propeller blades and heli blades


  • The new blade pitch control in KSP1.9.0 won't work well if you enable this plugin in flight.

  • Servo rotors are not supported by the mod.





  1. Press "=" to toggole control in flight.
  2. Use throttle to control rotor's rpm, rotor's output limit is controlled by plugin if enabled.
  3. You can change target AOA in propellers' PAW(part action window)


  1.        ModuleManager
  2.       Breaking Ground DLC


  1. Download from spacedock
  2. Download on CKAN

License: MIT

Source code: https://github.com/CarnationRED/FanAOAnRotorTorque






Update to support KSP1.9.0, note that the new blade deflection control featrue in 1.9 won't work well if this plugin enabled

Add support to propeller blades and heli blades


MOD renamed


License file added. Readme added.

Corrected archive hyhierarchy

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On 2/15/2020 at 10:24 AM, CarnationRED said:

Thank you for advise, how this goes?

Works pretty well and easy, fast and precise. But... Seems like it's script-heavy or maybe buggy, I suddenly got 5 FPS mid-flight when tested my old bomber craft. Does script run for each blade? No problem when there're 2 of them, but when 16?
Making custom axis proportional to current speed from 0 to 400 m/s for example. And control blade deploy by KAL-1000. It will have even more use I think. 

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