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Where did the drive translate physically into the rest of it? It seems like it was disconnected. (nvm, found the gears on the one side.)

 A gear going up and down to change the motion shouldn't be fundamentally hard.

You could probably compact the gear box to a single box somehow and reduce part counts. Then translate the size to power outside the box more.

You might be able to use the push or pull of magentics from docking ports to drive the pistons also and get non electric propulsion. You could then have purely physically driven mechanics and a real drive.

for a smaller gear box you could possibly do like the gear connectors that are triangles aiming towards each other. One side is static and double layers. The other has a fixed position and other position that is attached to it but rotates inwards closing the gap between the triangles making a smaller gear shape(like scissors!). It's either strong enough to be pushed back by the gear or clutch and gear disconect and reconnect like normal. It could be preset to the correct sizes to change the gear size... Then you have to translate that out to the correct motion... Might be missing something with that. And assuming that takes less parts overall.

If you don't need to stage it and it just moves the gears correctly it could also be a throttle. And I think then it can be inline to simplify it more.

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