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[1.8.1] DaMichels Parts [](2020 02 17)

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On 5/19/2020 at 5:56 PM, SkiRich said:

Hi, I found an issue with your Cargo Bay mod.

Latest game 1.9.1 version

When loaded with Hangar Extender and Tweakscale, if I attach a cargo bay to my model, the right click context menu never opens anymore and I need to restart.

Looking at the log file, it looks like Hangar extender goes into a virtual error exception after that.

It doesnt happen when tweekscale is not loaded.  So I dont know where the issue is.  Could be tweakscale, or hangar extender with your mod.

I had to de-install your mod to have my game work right.

If you can look into it that would be great, I like your cargo bays.

So I don't think it's Hangar Extender, because I do not have it installed, just tweak scale. I have just the Cargo Bay mod installed, and If I right click the Cargo Bay part(I can click any other normally at first) the context menu partially appears, it just shows the same vessel interaction button(does nothing) and a text field that says "Help text goes here". It then breaks the VAB/Hangar, so I  can no longer right click any part to get the context menu. I just have to exit out and reenter the VAB and it works fine again until I right click a cargo bay part.

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