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Kerbal Mech Suit KMS-02-A Gundam now on Kerbal


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To Use.

Press Space to stage the Dual Fuel Cell Array

While standing straight press Radial out

Press 1 to walk

Press 2 to plank (stand or lay straight arms down)

Press 3 to perform stand animation

Press 4 to reverse stand animation



  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 359
  • Pure Stock

Side note: If you curious about the process or if you messed something up and need to get it fixed here is the default setup!


If you Fall Over:

Press Sas to turn on (make sure you are not in radial out at this time.)

get in this position to stand (lay forward on chest in plank position)


Hold S to get footing when feet have met the ground on tip of toes and knee to the ground)

When fully straight press Radial out to stabilize and press 1 to start walking







The pinnacle of mech technology is here after over a year of research under the banner of Project K comes from the Kerbal Federation introduces its new Mech Suit Unit. Kerbal Mech Suit or designated KMS-02-A.

The planet variant model insures get stability in walking, can now stand after a major fall so no more needing to reset the module for Kerbal Space Station pick ups stands up straight and go into a plank like posture on the ground (lay on chest to stand). By syncing to the planetary body it stands on and maximizes its gravity by radial out to hold its standing position while in a constant falling forward motion.

Most Kerbals call this walking but we have a hard time doing this ourselves just getting out of the cockpit on a simple munar exertion.

We are looking into creating a Space Variant soon while we are working on the stable animations to achieve this as well as balance of weight. Since this would be a space variant some walking properties may have to be discarded but maybe we can create a transforming model? Or we could go with a |wave rider solution. We will see. its up in the air.

We have heard from onimus that the Duna Colony has been creating a Mech suit as well. We may have to send a scouting party to investigate but due to funding we may have to wait. We will keep in touch. This is Wernher von Kerman out.



Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001466981

KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Kerbal-Mech-Suit



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5 hours ago, sturmhauke said:

Excellent work! Last time I tried to make a walking thingy, it was a sort of dog mecha that kept falling over.

It defiantly was a ton of work for sure but i was probably more surprised than everyone that i actually made this thing work! 

On 2/19/2020 at 4:49 PM, Vanamonde said:

Well, that's ridiculous, in a good way. :D

lol I couldn't believe it myself. Im in love with this thing and will continue to improve it

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Yeah it does. When I was working on the animation truth be told I was actually trying to make him sprint before walking because I was still new at creating the walking animation and i made it sprint for like 2 or 3 steps before it fell over after this while my friend was watching me build it just clicked on how to actually make it walk and it was all uphill from there. Im pretty sure I could go back and try and make it sprint but it ways I think to much to do so. now boosters tho... :) im still designing at the moment! 

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