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[1.9.x+] ModuleAnimateGenericEffects


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The stock ModuleAnimateGeneric does not allow for any effects (ie: audio, or other).  This module extends the stock module and adds effects


This is an expansion of the stock  ModuleAnimateGeneric module.  It adds the following:

  1. Associate effects with the moving animation
  2. Modules now follow part symmetry
  3. animSpeed is now working to set the animation speed


This works by utilizing the stock EFFECTS stanzas as used in many parts.  See the stock documentation for information on how to set up the EFFECTS stanzas

The syntax for the module itself is identical to the stock ModuleAnimateGeneric, with the following additions:

        deployEffectName = deploy
        postDeployEffectName = deployed
        postDeployEffectLength = 0.5
        retractEffectName = retract
        postRetractEffectName = retracted
        postRetractEffectLength = 0.5
        animSpeed = 0.1


    deployEffectName is the effect(s) which should be played when deploying
    postDeployEffectName is the effect(s) which should be played when deployment is completed.
    postDeployEffectLength is how long the post-deployment effect should be played
    retractEffectName is the effect(s) which should be played when retracting
    postRetractEffectName is the effect(s) which should be played when retractment is completed
    postRetractEffectLength is how long the post-retractment effect should be played

Default Values

        deployEffectName = deploy
        postDeployEffectName = 
        postDeployEffectLength = 0.5
        retractEffectName = retract
        postRetractEffectName = 
        postRetractEffectLength = 0.5
        animSpeed = 1

    If no value is specified, no effect will be played



Available via CKAN

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5 minutes ago, AlphaMensae said:

@linuxgurugamer How hard would it be to add customized names for deploy limit sliders?  So they don't say "Deploy Limit", but anything you'd want.

Probably not too difficult.  I'm busy with some other stuff, but make an issue and I'll look at it.


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