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A game about making every rocket reusable...


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Hey y'all!

So basically, over the past month or two, I've started work on a game called Saving Stages.

In a nutshell, Saving Stages is a game where you are tasked with turning almost every rocket reusable. You start in the 60's and choose to either play for NASA or the Soviets, get tasked to turn their rockets up to 100% reusable, and work your way up the space race to modern day. And by 100% reusable I mean EVERYTHING.

Here's a little trailer I put together to give the gist of the game...

The flow of the game kinda goes like this:

- Choose from NASA or Soviets.

- Get a contract for a rocket in your office.


- Choose a rocket and edit it in the assembly building by choosing different parts and stuff.


- Then launch it in mission control and make sure it works.

Right now I'm working on the basic gameplay functions starting with Mercury-Redstone. All rockets have unique animations, upgrades, failures, and different reusable options.



Since it's still early in development, I'm not sure really how to describe this so it might still sound a bit vague. Feel free to ask questions though!

I thought I'd share here though since some might be interested about it on this forum! :) 

(if this isn't okay forum mods just let me know)


8rZotE7.pngI've also got a discord server that I'm pretty active in when it comes to discussion, but I will be checking this thread pretty often if there's activity in it as well as post updates about development.


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4 hours ago, DDE said:

No winged landing, eh?

*angry mob of Soviets with pitchforks appears*

Oh winged landing is indeed a thing my friend.

5 hours ago, RealKerbal3x said:

Okay, this looks like a pretty cool game. I have many questions...

Are you planning on early access? What sort of price are you thinking about? What are the system requirements (i.e, can my potato run it?)? 

I will be following this :D

Thanks! I do indeed plan to release it in early access later this year, no idea on the price yet since it's still too early to know. Requirements should be pretty forgiving thanks to the low poly nature.

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Some updates:

- VAB groundwork is complete meaning you can fully select parts in the VAB, see the current reliability, see the price, can't launch if too much, see the mission brief, AND go to the launch with said parts selected. 


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