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[1.8.x, 1.9.x] ModActionsRenewed: Control your vessel (including other mods) via ActionGroups.

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Originally made by forum user @Diazo, original thread is here:   https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116142-*


This mod is designed to allow you to control your vessel entirely via action groups, no more having to right-click on parts and control things through the part menu.

This allows you to do such things as change the thrust limiter on all engines on your vessel via a single action group command.

In addition to many stock actions, you can also control several mods via action groups in this fashion.


Available via CKAN


Changes Made During Adoption

  • Adoption by LinuxGuruGamer
  • Added support for ToolbarController
  • Added support for ClickThroughFix
  • Removed Blizzy & stock toolbar code
  • Replaced call to:
    • KSP.UI.Screens.EditorActionGroups.Instance.SelectGroup();

with reflection call because method was made private:

  • typeof(KSP.UI.Screens.EditorActionGroups).GetMethod("SelectGroup", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance).Invoke(KSP.UI.Screens.EditorActionGroups.Instance, null);
  • Moved mod folder to GameData (out of Diazo)
  • Moved all textures to PluginData & changed loading to use ToolbarControl.LoadImageFromFile
  • Added .version file
  • Added Changelog, added details from all releases
  • Added InstallChecker Added
  • Assemblyversion.tt
  • Moved following classes into their own files:
    • ModActionsFlight
    • ModActionsEditor
    • ModActionsMainMenu
    • ModActionData

Terminology note: If an action uses the "Set" keyword, that is directly setting the associated value. If the "Change" keyword is uses, that action modifies the associated value. (Use negative numbers to decrease the value.)

Supported actions:

  • Vertical Velocity Control
  • Landing Aid
  • GPOSpeedFuelPump
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Control Surface Deflection/Axis control in stock.
  • Wheel control (steering/brake/traction/friction/etc) in stock.
  • Saturable Reaction Wheels Momentum Dump


  • (Planned)TAC Fuel Balancer
  • (Planned) MechJeb


To use:

1) Go to the Action Editor mode in the Editor and click the Mod Acts button (will appear on the toolbar mod if installed, otherwise on the stock toolbar). Note that this mod will not show except on the actions editor screen in the editor and that in both the editor and in flight, the mod is hidden by default and will not show until the ModActs button is clicked.

2) Select your part to edit actions on.

- Directly click the part in the 3D editor game space.

Or, if you are not sure which parts can be controlled by which mod, make sure no parts are selected and select a mod to see all parts that can be edited for that mod. The selected mod's button with turn green and all parts that mod can control will be indicated by the purple circles. Click on the desired part in the 3D editor game space to select a part.

3) An unassigned action will have a "Click to select" button. When in this state, the action is hidden from the action group editor and if you somehow manage to activate it, it will do nothing.

Click the "Click to select" button to view a list of mods that can be controlled from this part and select the desired one. The "Clear Action" button is always present and when selected deletes the action and returns it to the "Click to select" state. When a mod is selected, the first action in that mod will be chosen to fill the fields in this action in. At this point, the action will become visible in the action selector to add it to an action group.

4) Keep narrowing down your selection in the third and fourth columns (Thrust Limit and Thrust Limit#:). While each column only has a single selection at the moment, once larger mods are implemented they will be grouped and filtered by these columns.

5) Enter the desired percentage for the thrust limiter in the right-most column. The value is in percent, so a value of 50 will set the engine thrust limiter to 50%.

6) Enter an appropriate description in the left-most field. This is a free-text field that you can use as you desire to remember what the action does. The text that shows here will be the text visible as the action name when adding the action to an action group. Note that this field resets any time the fourth column changes because that means the action in this slot has changed and so your old description is no longer valid.

7) Click the Mod Acts button again to hide this window and go to the action group editor to assign your Thrust Limiting actions to an action group to be usable in flight.

Note: This mod adds new actions to a part's available actions list. You must still select the action and assign it to an action group as you do with any other action.

Copying Actions:

If you enable the "Copy" options in the top right (turns red when enabled), when you click on another part to select it, the actions on your current part will attempt to be copied to the new part. (All actions on the target part will be deleted before hand.) Only actions usable by the target part will be copied.

Copying actions is still experimental, engines will quite possibly have issues as there are multiple different types.


- - - Updated - - -

Supported Stock Actions:

Set/Change Main Throttle (Found on the Command button)

Directly set, or change, the main throttle percentage. (Use a negative number to reduce the throttle.)

Set/Change Engine Thrust Limit

Directly Set or Change an engine's Thrust Limiter.

Set/Change RCS Thrust Limit and toggle control directions (Roll/Pitch/Yaw/X/Y/Z axis)

Directly Set or Change an engine's Thrust Limiter.

Control From Here in right-click menu (ModuleDockingNode, ModuleCommand)

-Control From Here: This will shift vessel control to the part this action lives on, the same as right-clicking the part and selecting Control From Here from the right-click menu in flight.

Lock/Unlock control directions on wings (ModuleControlSurface for default, FARControllableSurface if FAR is installed)

-Toggle Pitch: Does this wing attempt to control in the named direction?

-Enable Pitch

-Disable Pitch

-Toggle Yaw

-Enable Yaw

-Disable Yaw

-Toggle Roll

-Enable Roll

-Disable Roll

Go on Eva (part CrewCapacity >= 1)

-Go on EVA: Each part with a crew capacity will have this action available. When activated, it sends the first Kerbal in the pod on EVA. Each time it is activated it will send the next kerbal in the pod out. When there are no kerbals left it will print a message to the screen saying so. It will not search other parts on the vessel, it will only send kerbals in the part with the action on EVA.

Crossfeed (all parts in your GameData folder, including mods)

-Toggle Crossfeed: See caution below about Resources Lock and Crossfeeding.

-Enable Crossfeed

-Disable Crossfeed

Lock Resource level on Part (all parts with resources)

-Toggle Resource: See caution below about Resources Lock and Crossfeeding.

-Allow Resource

-Lock Resource

Lock Electricity level on Part (all parts with electricity)

-Toggle Electricity: See caution below about Resources Lock and Crossfeeding.

-Allow Electricity

-Lock Electricity

Add/Remove brakes from braking action (B key) (ModuleWheel)

-Add/Rem Brakes: These actions add or remove the wheel the action is attached to from the Brakes action group. (B key by default.) It does not actually activate/deactivate the brakes itself.

-Add Brakes

-Remove Brakes

New Wheel System

-Control Steering/Differential Steering/Motor/Brakes direction/force/enable and such for the new KSP 1.1 wheel system.


Crossfeed and Resource Lock Caution

Crossfeeding and Resource Locking have a couple of particulars you need to know about.

Electric Charge is a resource and follows the rules for Resource Locking, but as it is a special case I gave it it's own set of actions separate from the general Resource Actions. (Enabling the Resource Lock will not Lock Electric Charge.)


Edited by linuxgurugamer
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  • 3 weeks later...

Just got this mod to be able to lock/unlock fuel tanks, but the Lock Resource option isn't showing up on any of the tanks. I'm only seeing the stock autostrut options show up. Is it incompatible with b9 fuel switching?


log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lazQGwoIe38RTbjQk-j_TYFma36ZpvYu/view?usp=sharing

Edited by Rodger
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18 hours ago, Rodger said:

Just got this mod to be able to lock/unlock fuel tanks, but the Lock Resource option isn't showing up on any of the tanks. I'm only seeing the stock autostrut options show up. Is it incompatible with b9 fuel switching?


log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lazQGwoIe38RTbjQk-j_TYFma36ZpvYu/view?usp=sharing

Mod support is limited to either what's listed in the oP, or those mods which use stock actions.

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Yeah just kinda surprised that the stock action for tank locking was broken by fuel switch. 

I found the mod TankLock that you maintain instead though, and it works fine, so I’ll just use that instead!

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