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Minmus Direct - Flying Directly to the Inclined Orbit

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Alright, so it took me far longer than I care to admit to figure this out.  ...maybe I never figured it out and someone told me how to do it.   :-D  As with all things, once you know the trick, it does seem painfully obvious.  I felt a little dumbstruck when it was shown to me, so I figured it might be worthwhile to post a "How To" for everyone. 

Given a Kerbin day is 6 hours...  Every 3 hours the KSC is in the perfect launch window to fly your craft directly into a Minmus inclined orbit.  So at any given time, you are no more than a few hours worth of game time acceleration away from a Minmus launch window.  Knowing this, there is no reason for me to ever do a secondary burn to adjust my orbital plane to align to Minmus, which obviously speeds along my Minmus missions and saves me fuel.

This quick video shows you exactly how to do it!


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I usually launch a light sat into a low orbit and match its orbital plane with the one of Minmus (or the Moon in the case of RSS).

Then, I can align the KSC position right from the Tracking Center without switching to the sat.

It’s even more convenient to make Ap and Pe of the sat at the intersections with the equator plane, so these points are visible on the map.


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I just launch into an equatorial orbit and then transfer to the nearest node out at Minmus.

It takes longer time in game but less in the real world and for me, real world time is far more important. If anything, using up game time is actually a benefit.

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7 hours ago, RoninFrog said:

I just wait until Minmus is ~40° behind either node and transfer from a normal equatorial orbit.

You can, it just takes a long time...  I don't recommend that approach, unless you don't care about over using accel time.

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