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Thanks to the many volunteers who have helped crunch data for [email protected] in the last two decades. On March 31, the project will stop sending out new work to users, but this is not the end of public engagement in SETI research.


This is sad. I started back in 2001, before it used BOINC, but I don't run it anymore since I use a laptop.

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Maybe now those compute hours can go to actual scientific projects rather than assuming that aliens are screaming constantly in all directions. I'm not sorry to see [email protected] go, as it's a profound waste of computer resources and electricity when we have other issues like global warming.

The modest radio emissions of a sapient species get drowned out pretty quickly by background radio noise. Unless they're right next door or already know we're here, we wouldn't pick it up.

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I remember running that screen saver back in the early aughts.

Frankly I'm a bit surprised to learn it was still running.


48 minutes ago, Starman4308 said:

Maybe now those compute hours can go to actual scientific projects

Naw, they'll go into making bitcoins or making explosions prettier in video games, or decoding streaming video.

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